No Strings Attached.

Hetalia baby!


1. War.

April 19, 1775

Georgia's Place


 ''Alfred, arn't you being quite dramatic. I know, Author, He is being a jerk, but we just can't declare war without well planed details.'' New York whined. What a baby.

I through my hands down on the table.''Forget planing. Alfred, Now is the best chance we'll get. Planing could take days, Just let The southern states handle it, If y'all yankees can't deal with it, just leave it to us.''I snickered.

''Whoa, Hold it Georgie, Lets not get rational.''

 ''Ha, Please. I can deal with myself. You're either with me or just get out of my house.''I pointed at the door.

''I agree with Georgia.''Alfred nodded, adverting his eyes from any of us.''But going aginst my own brother, It's just quite a different feeling for me.''

''Alfred. He is hurting our people. Right now, he is nothing but a enemy.''



During WW3

Northern Italy


I've seen many terrible wars. But this. This was the worst so far.

I walked through the battle field. My men lay scattered across the ground, blood stained their faces, The faces I saw once lively. How to break the new to their hopeful families, their childern, wives. A terrible pain and sarrow filled my heart.

''Georgia, We need to move, the Russian's are advancing.'' Alfred muttered, Putting a hand on my shoulder.

I nodded grimly and shouldered my gun.''Okay, Lets go.''

We both trudged through our men, reviving the ones we could. ''Can't we just stop.''I groaned, My eyes dragging their gaze across the ground.

''What? Stop What?''

''This, whole thing. Just go back to normal forget about war. We're lossing men by the hundreds, our food is running low, and our allies are dropping out, The Americas can't take it any more.''

''But, I'm The Her-''

''You will.''I said simply.

It went silent as we walked on.

We reached base. It wasn't much, but it was enough. The tents where barely standing, still smoking from the earlier attacks. ''I'll do it.''Alfred sighed before making his way back to his tent.

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