Found You - A One Direction Fanfiction

A normal everyday girl . Bright blue eyes , chocolate brown hair , and a glowing smile . Her name is Destiney Paige Murray . Destiney's parents are divorced and she'd forced to live with her demmanding father , Rick , in Detroit , Michigan . He's selfish , mean , and she swears he has no soul . Rick is a the sherrif's deputy , so he's always on the case . Plus the fact that he's strict and never let's Destiney out of the house .. only when he's watching . Rick abuses Destiney long enough until she finds a way to sneak out of her dad's house . She runs away and stumbles upon a nice little house out in the prarie . Little does she know , is that Harry Styles lives there with his mum , Anne . He never expected to be living with a girl that would not only change his heart and his ways , but would change him forever on out .


4. The Best Day Ever

Harry's P.O.V.

A few hours later Destiney and I pulled back up in the driveway with our Subway sandwiches. " Thanks again Harry. It was super fun today! " She laughed taking a bite of her sandwich. For some reason this overwhelmed me like never before. Her actions were so cute, her smile put me in a trance, and her crystal blue eyes set me in a daze. " Why dont we go inside and plan out the rest of our day? " I said opening the BMW car door. She smiled in agreement. I helped her out of the car and we walked inside the house.

" So, " I said setting our things down on the glossy counter, " I was thinking we could go down to the lake tonight. Just for fun. " I said writing it down on a piece of paper. " That would great! I haven't been to a lake since I was about four years old. " Smirking I added in, " Well then I guess I can teach you some things. " She blushed and got up from her chair at the counter. " I dont have a baithing suit though, " She frowned at her comment. " I think Gemma has some old baithing suits in her closet. Go take a look. I'll be down here if you need any help. " I said pointing up the stairs to Gemma's room. " Thank you, Harry. " She said delightfuly.

Destiney's P.O.V.

I pranced up the steps into Gemma's room and opened up the closet only to be greeted by a whole section filled with her old baithing suits. " Wow.. " I said in awe. ' Well, no time to lose ' I said in my head. Carefully I took three racks holding two baithing suits on each side. I sat them down on the bed. I studied them for a while, but I finally picked the perfect one out. A mint green Victorias Secret push up. The bottoms were cheeky, but those were the only kind Gemma had in her closet. The back of the bathing suit bottoms cringed together in a stright line so the sides of the bottoms wrinkled together. The top did the same thing in the front. " This is adorable. " I said looking at myself in the mirror. I put my regular clothes on over the baithing suit and walked out of the room back to the kitchen.

" Took you a while. " Harry played. " I'm sorry! Your sister has a huge variety of baithing suits. That's why it took me so long. " I said exaggerating the " So ". " We have some time before my mum gets home around 3:30. It's only 2:30. Wanna take a swim in the backyard for a while? " Harry asked opening the back door leading to the pool I had no idea about. " Sure! Why not? " I pranced outside and slid off my clothes. I turned around to notice Harry was watching me with a cheeky expression on his face. " Watcha' doin' there? " I said sliding into the pool. " Oh! Nothing. Sorry. " Harry said apologizing while taking off his shirt.

I swam around and studied Harry's body. It was well defined, and on his under arm were a few tattoo's, on his chest were two birds, and his " V " made me shiver. He had a REALLY nice body. I watched him as he stuck his foot in the water before stepping in. " Jump in you baby, " I said going underwater and splashing him. " Fine! " He said front flipping into the deep end. I saw the ripples of where he jumped in, but he was no where in my sight. Suddenly I was lifted up on his shoulder and thrown was thrown back into the water behind him. I came back up from the water and sneered at Harry, but his cheeky little face was too hard to get mad at.

" Surprise? " He said shrugging. I laughed and jumped on his back. I tried pushing him under water, but it was a complete fail. He put me on his shoulders and crocodile spun me underwater. " Had enough yet Destiney? The games have only began. " Harry intimidated me. " Try me. " I said diving underwater and grabbing his legs. I dragged him underwater, but somehow he got ahold of me again and threw me up in the air and back intot he water. " The winner is Harry! Woooh!! " He screamed pumping his fists into the air. " In my world you're a complete loser! " I said splashing his face with water. He looked at me, flipped his hair, and we laughed continuosly at eachother.


Harry's P.O.V.

It was a pretty fun day today. I helped Destiney out of the pool and gave her a big beach towel to dry herself off. " So you ready for swimming again tonight? " Harry asked. " Definetly. This day was probably the best day out of my whole life! " She said scrunching her hair. I laughed and went inside to check the time. It was past 3:30 and my mum has yet to get home. Suddenly, the phone rang. " Hello? " I answered. " Harry, I'm sorry I'm late. My work had a little bit of a problem. I'm on my way home though. Did you and that girl have a great time? " She asked pleasantly. " Yes, we had a great time. Her name is Destiney Paige Murray. We had lunch, swam in the pool, and were going down to the lake for a while tonight, is that okay? " I said to my mum. " Yes! Do whatever you want. But, this weekend I have a business trip to San Diego, California. You think you can handle being alone for five days? " I thought about it and agreed, " Yes mum. I can. " She laughed. " Alright Harry. I'm nearly to the driveway. See you soon. I love you. " " Love you too mum. " I hung up and walked back outside.

" Good news, we've got the house to ourselves for five days this weekend while my mum goes to San Diego for a business trip, " Destiney smiled. " Well, we'd better plan those five days to be the best five days ever. " I smiled and threw my towel at her. " And she's nearly home so we've gotta clean this place up. " I started folding the towels, but I was interrupted by Destiney throwing my towel back around my face. " You're gonna get it! " I said running after her. " You can't get me! " She said running ahead of me. " What makes you so sure? " I said sprinting in front of her. Before she could stop, she slammed straight into my chest knocking us both over into the pool. I lifted us back up to the top and we laughed. " I'm sorry! " She said letting go of my neck. " Don't worry about it. It was an accident. " I shrugged.


A matter of minutes later, we were back inside with everything cleaned up. The sun was starting to set, and my mum walked into the door with bags full of clothing. " I went shopping guys. Harry, I got you some clothing, " She said setting down two bags for me. " and Destiney, I got you some clothing as well sweetie. " Destiney had five bags to herself. " Oh, you didn't have to Ann. That's very sweet of you. How do I pay you back? " Destiney said sweetly. " Don't worry about it, it's on the house. " My mum said kissing Destiney's forehead and walking away to her room. I watched Destiney smile in satisfaction as she pulled out five pairs of shorts from American Eagle, a whole ton of shirts from Victorias Secret, Forever 21, and Brandy Melville, some night clothes, underwear, bras, and new makeup. " Harry, how can I repay this to your mum. She didn't have to do this. " Destiney Smiled with her new bags of clothing.

" She said it's on the house Destiney. Don't worry! Besides, I think she likes shopping for you. She hasn't done this since Gemma moved out. You're making her very happy. " I watched Destiney's frown go into a wide smile. " She is so sweet. " She said as she walked upstairs to set down her new things. She came back down with a new outfit on and we sat back on the couch where we originally began talking.

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