Found You - A One Direction Fanfiction

A normal everyday girl . Bright blue eyes , chocolate brown hair , and a glowing smile . Her name is Destiney Paige Murray . Destiney's parents are divorced and she'd forced to live with her demmanding father , Rick , in Detroit , Michigan . He's selfish , mean , and she swears he has no soul . Rick is a the sherrif's deputy , so he's always on the case . Plus the fact that he's strict and never let's Destiney out of the house .. only when he's watching . Rick abuses Destiney long enough until she finds a way to sneak out of her dad's house . She runs away and stumbles upon a nice little house out in the prarie . Little does she know , is that Harry Styles lives there with his mum , Anne . He never expected to be living with a girl that would not only change his heart and his ways , but would change him forever on out .


2. Safe and Sound

Harry's P.O.V.

I sat in Gemma's room with this hurt girl . I stayed up all night with her , just to be sure she was alright . It was 3 in the morning and my eyes were begninning to shut down for the night . They slowly closed , but I opened them back up . Suddenly I found myself fighting back to not go to sleep . I got the strenght to walk down the steps and grab an energy drink to keep me up . I walked quietly back up the steps and stepped into her room studying her motionless , curvy body in the night . I carefully shut her door and took a seat next to her bed on the stool .

I looked at her once more drinking the blue monster I had in my right hand . First , I looked at her plump lips . They were a beautiful pale pink color , almost as if she had put on pink lipstick before she layed down . Second I studied her chocolate wavy brown hair . It looked silky smooth to the touch . After looking at her hair I studied her body from head to toe . She was a short , but skinny girl . Her sandy brown skin glowed with life , and her teeth were pearly white .

I smiled . She was beautiful . I've never seen anything quite as beautiful as her . I lifted my hand and moved the hair out from her face . She moaned and lifted her head up to be looking at me . " I'm .. sorry . I didn't mean to wake you . I was checking on you . " I said . " Its fine .. thanks . " She said with her raspy but hot voice . My cheeks were on fire . I've never felt this way before . " Alright .. sorry about that . " I said getting up towards the door . " Well , Im up . I might as well just stay up for the rest of the time . " She got up kicked off the icepacks leaving them on the bed . " I'll take care of those later . Don't worry about getting them . " I smiled .

" Thanks again . " she said with tired eyes and a lovely smirk . " Want some tea ? " I asked helping her down the stairs . " Yes , please . Green would be nice . " She looked up at me with innocent pale blue eyes . I snapped myself out of the trance and nodded in agreement . " I'll get right on that . " She had walked to the couch and turned on the T.V. while I was warming up our Green Tea 

Destiney's P.O.V.

Moments later , Harry returned to the couch with mugs of tea for the both of us . " Thank you , Harry . " I said taking the mug in my hands with care . " No problem . " He said with his raspy , deep voice . We both looked at the T.V. and sipped out tea . " Spongebob's on ! " I said with a quiet and peppy voice . " I love this show . " I said sipping my tea once more . " Never seen it . " I stopped sipping my tea and looked at Harry with wide eyes . " Are you crazy ? Your lieing ! " I said laughing . " Nope . I lived in Manchester all my life . " he smirked . " Well , you need to watch this show then . " I said in shock .


It was 5 A.M. and Harry was rubbing his eyes . I yawned with sleepiness . I laid my head on the arm of the sofa and curled up in a warm ball .

Harry's P.O.V.

I looked over my shoulder after another Spongebob episode and noticed she had fallen asleep . I yawned and got up and walked over to the closet where we held all out blankets . I set one over her motionless body , once again , and watched her curl up snuggly . I yawned once more and sat on the other couch and fell asleep .

A couple of hours later I woke up with my mum shaking me . " Get up Harry . " She said . " Alright , alright .. " I said with a giant yawn this time . " What is it ? " I said scratching my head . " This girl .. we never got her name . But , she's upstairs getting changed . I had her wear some of Gemma's clothing that she never wore . Im drying her stuff right now in the dryer , so I need you to pick up the downstairs while I go out for groceries . Thank you love . " She said kissing my forehead and walking out the door .

I got up in my boxers and washed the dishes before breakfast . I would only hope to get things fixed and situated for our new guest . I was sure this girl had no time to stay hear any longer today , she would be on her way . But I only hoped she would stay for as long as she would . I wanted to get to know her more . She seemed delightful .

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