Found You - A One Direction Fanfiction

A normal everyday girl . Bright blue eyes , chocolate brown hair , and a glowing smile . Her name is Destiney Paige Murray . Destiney's parents are divorced and she'd forced to live with her demmanding father , Rick , in Detroit , Michigan . He's selfish , mean , and she swears he has no soul . Rick is a the sherrif's deputy , so he's always on the case . Plus the fact that he's strict and never let's Destiney out of the house .. only when he's watching . Rick abuses Destiney long enough until she finds a way to sneak out of her dad's house . She runs away and stumbles upon a nice little house out in the prarie . Little does she know , is that Harry Styles lives there with his mum , Anne . He never expected to be living with a girl that would not only change his heart and his ways , but would change him forever on out .


6. Love? Maybe Not

Destiney's P.O.V.


I looked up into Harry's emerald green eyes after our kiss. It was magical! Something I've never.. EVER.. experienced before. His lips were as soft as silk, his Usher cologne was absolutely drugging me every time I took a little sniff of his shirt. But... my stomach started to twist. I danced around for a while in his arms, even though it was a nervous dance. My legs bouncing around in circles. " Harry, " I said in his chest. " Hmph? " He replied. I thought in my head ' this has moved way too fast. You just met Harry, Destiney! What in god's name do you think you're doing? You need to tell him before it's too late. He'll understand. Don't worry. ' It spat out, " Harry... you're a sweet guy. In fact the sweetest I've ever met, " He smiled putting his chin on my head. " but I think we're moving too fast. " I felt him take a big breath and slowly lift his chin from my head. He let go of me and stood there. " I- I have to agree. I don't know what I was doing.. please forgive me, Destiney. " He said with crossed arms and a stiff pose.


I knew he was crushed. I could see it in his eyes. The way they darkened when I told him that told me instantly that he was absolutely devastated at what I told him. " It's okay, Harry. No need to apologize. I'll meet you back at the house, I'm going for a walk. " I said with a little depression on my tone. " Do you know the w-"

"Yes I do, don't worry." I smiled while turning away to the open fields. " Don't be too late.. " He called out to me. He screamed something else, but I didn't quite catch it.


Walking slowly into the fields I could hear the sorrowful cry of a lone coyote. Soon after he cried for some mates a few more howls were heard all the way on the other side of the field. A burst of fear ran through my body. I stopped in a stance. I coughed up something that would get my mind off of a little coyote, " Don't worry. They are afraid of you! " I said shaking my head with a strong step forward. The moon rose with a bright pink glow in the back of the high hills. The summer breeze brushed up against my skin. I was in a trance, a lovely trance of thoughts about Harry. Suddenly a loud snap of a twig broke behind me and I stopped in my walking position.


Slowly turning my head a caught a glimpse of a coyote. He was growling low with red eyes under a patch of grass. " Shit. " I said quietly. Stepping backward, keeping an eye on the coyote I walked backward a little faster. The small dog got up and walked towards me. I suddenly realized the dog was rabid. It was twitching rapidly, he kept growling and whimpering loudly, foam was raging from it's mouth. " SHIT SHIT SHIT! " I screamed turning my back and running near the lake. A bloody howl raged from it's mouth as it launched for me. " HARRY!! " I yelled desperately. I turned my head to only find the dog closer to me than ever before.


Stumbling on a pothole, like before, I fell with a scrape to my knees. Blood was dripping. I kept low, but the dog found me. " HARRY!! " I cried once more. Still no call back. I grabbed a nearby stick and threatened it. It didn't work. He got low in a crouching position and lunged for me. I screamed with horror as it filled the night. Just before the dog could bite me and tear me to shreds, I heard a loud bang and a thud to the ground. " Harry? " I said turning around with tears running down my eyes. " No! You're lucky I was out here with my huntin' hounds. You could've been mauled right there! " and old man said with his shot gun. He pointed next to me. I peered over my shoulder to find the rabid coyote biting the air and blood running from it's head rapidly. It then slowly stopped twitching and died before my eyes.


I was in shock. I stood up and ran behind the old man. " Don't worry, he's not alive no more. The name's Jeffrey. " He said holding out a friendly hand. " Destiney.. " I said shaking it warmly. " So tell me woman, what were you doin' out here durin' sunset? Coyote's are always out here at this time of the evenin'! " He laughed. " I was taking a walk, I had no idea they'd be out this early. " I said rubbing my shoulder.


Before the Jeffrey could say another words I heard loud footsteps behind me. I turned around quickly to find Harry and the boys running down a dirt trail near Jeffrey's house. " Destiney! " Harry yelled wrapping his arms around me. A tear rolled down my cheek. I was ashamed at what had happened. " What happened here? " Harry demanded. " Well, this little lady was walking in this field I take my hounds in. I heard screams and cries. My hounds were goin' mad! So I took em' out to see what was the matter. They led me to a nearby shadow of a girl runnin' in a field with a rabid coyote runnin' after her! So, I ran out with my here dogs and just before the coyote could maul her, I shot him right in the temple. He's long dead now, thanks to me. " Jeffrey said proudly explaining what happened.


" Jesus, I said not to go into the fields Destiney! Didn't you hear me? " Harry said grabbing my forearms with a tight grip.
 NO! " I said crying. " You could've been killed! You could've gotten rabies! Don't do that again.. " Harry said looking at me sternly. I nodded and he forced me in for a hug. He was so protective over me. Nobody has ever been like this towards me before. It made me feel... warm inside. " I'd listen to that boy right there. Next time you come out here and I find you dead, I'll act like nothin' happened. Got it little missy? " Jeffrey said pointing at me with his pointer finger and with one eye closed.


" Got it. " I said smiling through tears. " Now ya'll have a nice night. " The crazy old coot said turning off with his high-water jeans and hounds. " C'mon. " Niall said motioning Harry towards the group staring at me in relief. " Stick with me from now on. You're already injured enough... look at you! " Harry said pointing to my knees. I looked down at the ground with a sad look. It was silent the rest of the walk back to the house. Anne was waiting there with an angry look on her face. Then it turned into a sorrowful look. " What happened, Destiney? " She said taking a hold of my arms. " I'll tell you later. " I said as she led me inside to the bathroom.


I told her everything that happened. " Dear, you have to be cautious on your surroundings. Please be careful next time. " Anne said with care. " I will, I promise. " She smiled and gave me a big hug. " Dinner is waiting for you and the boys, I bet you'll like it! " She said walking down the steps as I followed like a little puppy.

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