Found You - A One Direction Fanfiction

A normal everyday girl . Bright blue eyes , chocolate brown hair , and a glowing smile . Her name is Destiney Paige Murray . Destiney's parents are divorced and she'd forced to live with her demmanding father , Rick , in Detroit , Michigan . He's selfish , mean , and she swears he has no soul . Rick is a the sherrif's deputy , so he's always on the case . Plus the fact that he's strict and never let's Destiney out of the house .. only when he's watching . Rick abuses Destiney long enough until she finds a way to sneak out of her dad's house . She runs away and stumbles upon a nice little house out in the prarie . Little does she know , is that Harry Styles lives there with his mum , Anne . He never expected to be living with a girl that would not only change his heart and his ways , but would change him forever on out .


3. Back To The Basics

Destiney's P.O.V.

I stepped out of the shower ever so lightly not causing a rucus ; I hope . I wrapped the warm towel around my body and stepped towards the mirror . I looked down and saw a little note written by Ann , " Hello ! I've left you some makeup, clothing, and etc. for you to get ready today. See you soon, and feel much, much better. Love, Ann. " ' Well that was nice. ' I thought to myself. I looked at the curling irons, straighteners, makeup sets, and my new clothes I was wearing for today. I lifted up the cute little outfit: A long sleeve grey off the shoulder shirt, with a grey tiger on the front, black sailor shorts, and some black flats. " This is so cute. " I said to myself once more.

While getting my things on I heard a little song coming from the kitchen. It could've been Ann; she came home early, or it was Harry picking up the downstairs. I peeked my head out from the bathroom to get a better sound of the raspy voice singing Maroon 5. "...Baby you've got me doin' dirt, doin' dirt, doin' dirt... " I heard from the downstairs. It was definetly Harry. His voice was melodic and very beautiful. I smiled at the fact of his singing, but where did I hear that voice from before? That question was saved for later.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was washing dishes and singing to myself when I heard foot steps pile down from upstairs. It must've been the new girl. Turning around in my sweats and beanie, only, I saw her pretty self peering into the kitchen. " Hello. " She smiled cutely, her dimples noticeable. " Hello, I made tea if you wanted some. " I said pouring some into a floral cup. " Thank you, I'd love some. " She said politely taking the cup in her hands. Watching her drink it, I decided to pour myself some as well. " How is it? " I asked. " It's great! " She said taking a big sip.

"Glad you like it. " I said to her. She smiled once more and took another big sip of tea. " So, I never got your name.. " I said with a moderate tone. " Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Destiney Paige Murray. " She said holding out a hand to shake mine. " Nice to meet you, I'm Harry Styles. " Her eyes lit up as soon as I said my name. " So that's where I heard your voice from this morning, your that curly haired guy from One Direction. My friends are huge fans. " She laughed. " You don't say. You don't seem to be fangirling? " I said kind of shocked. " Oh, you guys are great, trust me. But I'm not a fangirler. It's too annoying. " She lauged once more. " Well I've got your back on that one. " I said with a faint laugh.

I looked down and noticed I didn't have my shirt on, nor did I look great either. " I'm sorry you had to see this Destiney, I'm a mess. I'll go clean up and be out in a jiffy. " I said walking into the living room. " Make yourself at home while I'm doing my thing. " I said turning on the T.V. and patting a spot on the couch before leaving to my room.


About half an hour later I walked out all freshened up and Destiney was sitting on the couch where I had told her to stay. " Hey. " I said plopping on the couch making her jump. " You scared me! " She laughed holding her chest. " Sorry love. " I said rubbing the back of my head. " So, since were not doing anything in particular today why dont we go downtown for some lunch? " She shook her head and blushed a little bit. " Thank you Harry. " She said walking down to the door. " Let me get that for you, ladies first. " I said holding the door for her. " Thanks again. " She said smiling out the door to the car.

We hopped in and I turned on the radio, but put it on a low volume. " Destiney. " I called to her while buckling my seatbelt. " Yes? " She said pearing at me. " Could you tell me why your here, right now. I ... why did I find you in the rain? " The car fell silent for a moment or two, but she started up with a crack in her voice, " My dad. He's probably the nastiest, cruelest, meanest guy you could ever meet. Two days ago, I woke up on a sunny morning with him out of the house. Then I heard yelling. I ignored what he told me to do, so I took a shower. It was a bad choice though, he came back upstairs and slapped me. He pinned me up on the wall by my neck and choked me, " She stated with tears in her eyes.

My eyes started to tear up as well. Even a tear rolled down my cheek and onto my lap. She continued, " After he choked me, he decided it was a good idea to rape me. Luckily I ran away just before he could do anything to me. I ran into a near by field, and eventually you found me in the rain walking by your house. " She said wiping her eyes and smirking at me sadly. " Now you know what happened. To this day I vowed to myself that I will never want anything to do witht hat man ever again. It was terrible what I had to live with for 17 years of my life. " She said once more. " I- I'm so sorry Destiney. " I said gripping the steering whell and pulling off into the street.

" Forget about it. It's the past. It's gone, history. The only thing that matters is that I was lucky enough you found me walking. " She laughed. I laughed a little too trying not to offend her. " That's right. I'm lucky I found you. " I said with a little smirk on my face. " Now why dont we go get that lunch I was talking about. " I said smiling wide at her. " let's. " She agreed. We backed away out of the street and road away to downtown.

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