Found You - A One Direction Fanfiction

A normal everyday girl . Bright blue eyes , chocolate brown hair , and a glowing smile . Her name is Destiney Paige Murray . Destiney's parents are divorced and she'd forced to live with her demmanding father , Rick , in Detroit , Michigan . He's selfish , mean , and she swears he has no soul . Rick is a the sherrif's deputy , so he's always on the case . Plus the fact that he's strict and never let's Destiney out of the house .. only when he's watching . Rick abuses Destiney long enough until she finds a way to sneak out of her dad's house . She runs away and stumbles upon a nice little house out in the prarie . Little does she know , is that Harry Styles lives there with his mum , Anne . He never expected to be living with a girl that would not only change his heart and his ways , but would change him forever on out .


1. Rick the Dick

Destiney's P.O.V.

I awoke to a bright a shining morning . I heard the distant birds chirping in the dogwoods right behind my nice warm cottage . Yawning and stretching , I did my morning scratches and stood up to go downstairs and make myself some tea . Before I could open my door , I was startled by Rick , my souless father , who screamed with all his might . " Destiney Paige ! " He hacked up the stairs . " What do you want . " I screamed back . " Don't you talk to me that way .. I'll have your pretty little locks in my hand the next time you do that . " He yelled trying to be funny . I sighed with anger , " YES DADDY . " He smiled with satisfaction . " That's better . Now , I'll be out for a few hours . If I come home and this place isn't spotless , you'd better expect the punishment you'll take .. and you'll like it . " He laughed evily out the door , and slammed it so it made me jump .

" God . I wish you would've never taken custody over me . You monster . " I smirked to myself and slid off my pajamas . I opened up my bathroom door and turned on the shower . Startling me , I turned around to see my bathroom door slam open hitting the bathroom wall . " I thought I told you to clean , not to take a shower .. " My dad said taking off his jacket and un-buckling his belt . " No . Don't you even dare ! " I said grabbing the shower curtain holder . I swung at him , but missed by a longshot . He looked back at the wall where is stuck in and hung out . " Now that's not very lady like is it .. " he said grabbing my hair and slamming my head into the shower wall . " Let go ! Let go ! " I cried hesitantly . " Now , you'll take your punishment now right .. and you wont cry or scream to cause any disturbance . Keep calm and quiet the whole time and I wont kill you . " He smiled evily while slamming my head into his groin repeatidly .

I looked around for something to smack him with with . I looked and looked but no use . Finally , I found something sitting on the bathroom counter .. his pocket knife . I stood up with out his consent and he looked furious . " Now .. I want this punishment good and hard daddy . " I said tricking him while grabbing the pocket knife behind me . " Give it to me good . " He looked at me with a wild smile . As he was reaching for me harshly , I opened up the knife and stabbed him the hand . He screamed bloody murder . Again I stabbed him twice in the chest and slapped him . He fell on the floor and I ran . I ran my little heart out .

I slipped down the steps and fell . I looked up and saw him running out from the bathroom . He screamed . "  Get back here you stupid teenage slut ! " I screamed and ran out of the door . The thunder rolled when I ran out of the house with no look back . Only the sound of Rick's screams draining out with every step I took .

I dared not to look back only if I wanted to die today . I ran across the highway and into the nearest field . I fell into a pot-hole causing myself to drop on contact . I fell to my knees and screamed with all my might . I cried harshly . After a while , I looked up and saw the flash of lightning in the distance . The rain was coming soon and I needed a place to stay . I walked up the nearest dirt road and kept walking for any hope of finding a house to stay at .

After a while of walking , I didn't make it in time before the rain fell on me . Lightning covered the sky , the thunder shook the ground , and I was being drenched in rain . I didn't care anymore . I should've been dead right now . I wondered why I was still alive . I clenched my teeth and put my hands in a fist as I walked slowly down the muddy road . Tears streamed down my face uncontrollably . I was not to be alive . Not today .

Harry's P.O.V.

I looked out the window and saw flashes of lightning stream across the sky . " Wow , I've never seen weather this bad before ! Mum , are you sure this house in Michigan is alright for you ? " My mum nodded in satisfaction . " Yes , I love the sound of rain . Especially this crisp on a night like this . " I smirked at her comment and walked myself to the kitchen to make her and I some tea .

I sat down on the couch and carefully handed her the piping hot ginger tea I had made specially for her . " Here you go mum . " I said handing it off . " Thank you love . " She said nicely . I smiled and continued to stare out of the window . I noticed a dark figure walking slowly up the road near my house . I tried to make it out , but I couldn't . I waited for it to get near . I squinted my eyes to get a better look . It was a girl . " Oh my god . " I said slamming down my cup of tea and spilling it all over the hard wood floor .

I opened the front door and ran outside only in a summer tank top and skinny jeans . I noticed right when the chill of the rain hit me directly on the face and arms . I kept running though . Closer and closer I got to the girl and the more and more it seemed she was in pain . I finally got to her and held her arms . " Are you alright ? " I asked checking her arms and face to make sure nothing was wrong . " Im fine .. " she said with tears in her eyes . " Come with me . " I said pulling her into my house .

" Mum , she's hurt ! " I said holding her chin up to the light . The blood streamed down her forehead and down her lip . Her arms were bruised and her thighs were badly rug burned . " Oh my . " My mum came out gasping . " Please go get something mum ! " I screamed sitting her down on the couch . " Keep you head elevated for me please . " I demanded . She did what I told her to do .

Destiney's P.O.V.

I was shivering while doing what I was told to by this guy I stumbled upon in the rain . He took off his sopping wet tank top reaviling his perfectly defined body . A shiver went down my back making me colder . I cried harder thinking out what I went through a few hours ago . He held the cold and soothing tank top to my bloody head . His mum came down the steps with bandages and rubbing alcohol . " Im ..fine . " I said starting to feel woozy from my blood loss . " Lay down .. " The curly haired boy demanded . I nodded and layed down with the alcohol on my head . His mum dabbed it and I clenched my teeth .

He stuck out his hand and let me squeeze it for pain relief . " Ow ! " I said with tears running down my face . " Your all done , sweetie . " She said sweetly . " I got up with bandages on my forehead and on my lip . My arms were wrapped up , and my legs had ice packs on them . " Harry , please show her to Gemma's room . " Harry .. had shown me to his sister's room . He sat me down on the bed and situated me comfortably . I shut my eyes instantly and was out like a light . " I'll be here . " I heard faintly . " I'll be here .. "

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