A girl consumed with darkness and forced to do a horrible deed. How does she escape this horrible job? She has to find a way some how shee can become reborn, but how? Read and find out.


2. Daily Dose of a Gorgon.


The black fog started to disappear and I slowly looked around. My eyes paused at the sight of the Gorgon’s sign. “Every Death is a Gain” that was our motto. I guess it was kind of motivator for the other Gorgons, but for me it just felt like a huge lie. I slowly followed the gray stoned pathway leading to the black, foggy Gorgon HQ. Flying around it were thousands of crows. Each one was a Gorgons, we are appointed one when we graduate. Mine was named Opie. They are the ones who take the souls we have collected to Death.

As I approached the gate I pulled my hood down and greeted our “Gate Keeper”. I use that term loosely, because this Gate Keeper (also known as Hiath) is the most idiotic Gorgon that I have ever met. He sees me every day, but insists to ask me all these security questions. I can’t stand him, he just adds to the absolute hatred I have for this place.

I rolled my eyes as Hiath floated over to me.

“Hiath, I’m in a rush can you just please open the gates.”

Hiath is one of our biggest Gorgons, he had a kind of gorilla looking face. If I didn’t know how stupid he was I would actually be frightened by him. He died in a fire as a child so his skin was all disfigured and his wounds were pitch black.

“Who are you?” Hiath spat.

“Hiath, you see me every day. My names Tally.” I huffed.

“Tally?” He smacked his gums for a minute, his expression showed that he was trying to move the gears in that tiny brain of his. “Well just to be sure I am going to give you a short security check.” Hiath slurred as he grabbed his clipboard.

“Oh my goodness, Liras please help me…” I growled as I rubbed my temples in frustration.

“What year did you die?” He said as he spit to the side.

“Ugh…1999” I snapped.

“OOOkkkayy, check. What is your favorite color?” He said as he put a little check on his piece of paper.

“I don’t know! Blue I guess?” I clenched my fists in frustration.

Hiath paused for a minute. “It says here that last time you said green.”


Hiath jumped back then quickly fumbled with his clipboard. He grabbed a key in his cloak and unlocked the gate.

I lifted my hood back onto my head then took a deep breath. “Thank you.” I said quietly, then I continued towards the castle.

I removed my hood once more as I entered the old castle. This castle was the start of everything(Warning Gorgon History Lesson)…many centuries ago Death made this castle by hand and magic. He made it when the Lira leader (Juxith) and himself made an agreement on how to handle the human’s souls. He at first did the job by himself. After he figured out he couldn’t do it alone, He met Fira.

He met Fira on one of his gatherings of souls. She was a fifteen year old, burning red hair, green eyes, and amazing beauty. She had died from her father strangling her to death. Her father almost died from being shot by police, but Juxith had saved him not knowing what he had done. Death took an interest to Fira when she showed no fear of Death. He took her soul and body back to his castle.

He turned Fira immortal. He helped train her and when she reached maturity, Death had an idea. Fira and him started to take the dead children and turn them all into Gorgons. It was a great plan in Deaths eyes and after bragging about it to Juxith, he did the same thus created Gorgons and Liras.

It was perfect Death and Juxith just sat back and relaxed while their little creations did the work for them. However, Fira still kept a secret hatred toward Juxith. Her neck even though immortal showed the permanent scars of her father’s fingers around her neck. She started to turn Death against Juxith telling him Juxith gave him the bad end of the deal and how he stole his idea about the Gorgons then having the nerve to call them Liras.

At first, Death didn’t agree with Fira, but after her constant whispers it had planted an evil seed in Death’s mind. He became very secluded and rude towards Juxith. He started to mess with black magic in his chambers and after time the black magic had seeped into his soul. He became full of hatred and showed it towards Juxith. Fira was satisfied after Death and Juxith had part and became enemies. It has been like that ever since.

I walked down the corridors into the room that was the heart of the castle. In this HUGE room there is a glowing pit with a giant perch. This is where you give your collection of souls to the pit, then they are formed into “Jabes”. Jabes  kind of look like marbles, but they have a soul within them. Your Jabes are finally collected by your crow into a small pouch. Your crow then flies the pouch all the way up into Deaths chamber.

I waited in line waiting for the pit with my hood covering most of my face. When it had reached me I looked up to the thousands crows perched. I then smiled and waved to my Opie. He flapped his wings in response, I loved Opie. He’ll fly to my window at night and hang out with me. I know it’s weird to talk to a crow, but I love to talk to him about anything I want. I spoil him with pieces of bread I take from the Earth world. He loves it and when I go to sleep he’ll nest on the corner of my pillow and sleep too.

I pressed my hands on the glowing pit. It quickly sucked all the souls I had collected from my hands. I waved one more time at Opie then headed to Library. I know, I know it’s A LOT of information to take in, but that’s my everyday as a Gorgon…

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