A girl consumed with darkness and forced to do a horrible deed. How does she escape this horrible job? She has to find a way some how shee can become reborn, but how? Read and find out.


4. Combat Practice


I woke up to the sound of an announcement being bollard around the castle. I fluttered my eyes open, sat up, and stretched my back and arms.  Out of curiosity my ears homed in and started listening to the announcement.

“Combat and defense training begins in ten minutes, people who have not checked in yet, Is Tally.” The voice echoed.

Ugh! Why did they have to say my name? I grabbed my cloak and jogged out of my room. I started to jog in the direction of the courtyard where my class is. As I weaved my way through the other students, Students would push me and snicker,

“Better get to class Tally before Ms. Fira gets a hold of you.”

I just ignored them and focused on getting to my class. I finally made it, but just on time. Every Gorgon stared at me when I jogged up. The courtyard was huge and perfect for battle. It was a huge dead field with many burnt places where things got a little out of hand.

I slipped in the back of the group when Coach Lister stomped up. Coach Listeria was one of the toughest coaches I have ever met. He showed no mercy in practice and if gorgons started to actually battle he would let them fight until someone was injured.

That’s why I hated this class; I am pretty skinny and fragile. I wouldn’t stand a chance if I battled with one of the tougher Gorgons. I’m not very good at attacking, that’s why in most battles I am put on the defense team.

My thoughts were disturbed when Coach Lister started spitting his orders.

“Okay, today we are going to have hand on hand combat, which means NO MAGIC!” He glared

Oh great! I’m defiantly going to lose.  I sighed and looked at the other gorgons. They all looked so tough and mean. I am going to regret this.

“I have given each of you an opponent that is equal to your abilities.” Coach continued, “First up, Luke and Fargoth.”

Oh this is going to get ugly. Luke and Fargoth have been enemies ever since Luke stole Fargoth’s girlfriend. I think Coach Lister found this out and wanted to have a little fun. Now these battles without magic pretty much were like boxing without the gloves. The first one down on the ground for three seconds loses. The winner gets bragging rights while the loser gets nightshift duty. I’ve had that almost every time. Not because I suck at fighting I just choose not to and purposely fall to the ground. Coach Lister knows I do it on purpose and for that reason, we don’t get along.

I watched as Luke and Fargoth stepped out of the crowd to face each other. They are both pretty bulk and intimidating. I got scared just looking at the hatred in their eyes. Coach Lister put his whistle in his mouth and took a deep breath of air. Luke and Fargoth got in a crouched position ready to pounce on each other. I heard the high pitch jingle of the whistle then covered my eyes.

All I heard was grunts of pain and frustration coming from the boys tussle. Then I heard the group yell in unison, followed by Coach Lister’s whistle. I opened my eyes to see Luke on the ground rolling in pain. Coach Lister had pure anger on his face.

“Fargoth! I said NO MAGIC! Go see Ms. Fira this instant! I was confused until I looked at Luke’s robe. The torso was totally burned revealing his chest. I guess Fargoth used a fire spell, ouch…

Coach Lister helped Luke up then with a huff looked at his clip board.

“Okay, next is Claire and Tally!” He hollered.

Claire? Claire was one of the snobbiest Gorgons ever created. She died from poison so she didn’t really show any exterior damage, which gave her a boost of confidence. She always makes fun of me and always makes up stories to get me in trouble with Ms. Fira. I wasn’t giving up this fight.

I casually stepped out of the crowd meeting face to face with Claire. Adrenaline was pulsing in my fingertips.

Claire gave me a smirk, “Are you going to give up again Tally?”

“Not this time.” I growled.

I heard the whistle and cracked a smile as Claire charged toward me. I dodged her charge and grabbed her long black hair. She gave a little squeal as I pulled her. Using all of my strength I threw her across the field. She hit the ground with a thud and everyone got quiet. She laid still and a flash of guilt went through me.

 I trotted over, “Claire are you okay?”

As soon as I said that Coach Lister blew his whistle.

“NO, NO, NO TALLY!” He screamed, “You’re supposed to finish her. In a real battle you’re not going to walk over and see if your opponent is okay!”

“Get up Claire!” He huffed.

Claire slowing moved her arms and pushed herself up. She gave me a glare before she walked back to the group.

“Look, class is over. You all did horrible. Now get out of my sight, all of you!” He yelled as he stomped of the field.

I let out a sigh before throwing my cloak hood over my head and heading back to the castle. As I entered the castle I saw all the Gorgons getting ready for another night of collecting souls. Great, just when I thought today couldn’t get any worse…

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