A girl consumed with darkness and forced to do a horrible deed. How does she escape this horrible job? She has to find a way some how shee can become reborn, but how? Read and find out.


1. My Purpose


“NO PLEASE, I am not ready to die! Please, I change I’ll eat healthier, I’ll…I’ll exercise!”

I stared sadly at the heavy weighted man. He was begging, down on his knees. He had brown curly hair and green eyes. He was a diabetic and his heart was giving up. That’s why I was here, I looked at the man and took a deep breath,

“Peter Klowisk, I was sent here by Death, I am very sorry I am taking you from this life, but you have a better one waiting, so please take my hand.” I held out my hand hoping he would take it.

“NO! I am not ready! You can’t touch me!” Peter screamed and started to run to his front door.

I sighed as I knew what I had to do next. I held out my hand towards peter who was almost to the door.

“Kaliba…” I whispered.

“Gahhhh!” Peter fell to the ground clutching his heart.

I walked over to his body. He was gasping for air, staring at me with complete fear, as he flopped around on the ground. I could feel his soul trying to release from his body. I couldn’t watch this suffering any longer. I knelt down and touched the middle of his forehead with the tip of my finger. There was a jolt.

His body went still.  I put my hand over his heart, “Soul may you rise from this dead corpse and come with me to return to your world”.

I looked to see the light of the glowing spirit leave the dead heart and flood into my fingertips.

I looked at Peter’s face and sadness struck over me. He was a kind man in his life. He had a loving wife and three grown up children. At least his soul will go to the nice place. His eyes were wide open, with a blank stare. I gently brushed my hand over his face to close his eyes. I stood back up, backed away, and slowly whispered the word, “Likba”

I disappeared in a puff of a black foggy smoke. Know who am I, you might ask?

I’m Tally, I am a Gorgon. My job is to take the souls of the humans when their soul runs out of time. I’ll try to explain: There are many Gorgons, and there are many departments. I’m in the young/adult male department, because I don’t think I can bare taking a mother from their children (I mean taking a father is no better, but those were my choices.) there is also the young/adult female, children, infant, and elderly departments. I wish I was in the elderly, because most of them have accepted death and you never have to force kill, like I had to do with Peter.

Now you may wonder how I became a Gorgon, no I wasn’t created by all the evil things in the world, mixed into a big pot, and then turned into this. No, I was a regular five year old girl. I use to have long, light brown hair and bright blue eyes. I lived a human life, like everyone else. That was until June 17 1999, when I drowned in my backyard pond…

When a Gorgon came to get me I was afraid and ran away. The Gorgon paralyzed me. He then took my earth body, along with my soul, and took me to the leader (Known as Death). Death then turned me into one of them. My hair turned jet black, my pupils became larger, my bright blue eyes turned into a gray fog, and my skin became pale as snow.

I was then trained; I learned our language and the powers of it. I learned combat, magic, and the rules of a Gorgon. I was resistant at first; I quickly learned my place when Death shocked my dead heart to where it turned black and cold.

When I had reached nineteen, I graduated and became a full Gorgon, the power of death was released inside me and my weapon was my hands. With a single touch from my hands you would die on instant. It was horrible to have, but I accepted my fate and I have been doing this ever since.

I have killed so many people, over my time. Each one hurts just like the first. The other Gorgons boast about their kills, but me I just hide in my house and try to forget.

Now the world isn’t all bad. There are also the Liras, their job is to bestow life. The Gorgons and Liras have feuded for centuries. Our feuds usually happen in a hospital when a human can either die or live, a Gorgon and Lira will both try and convince the soul to be theirs. Whichever one the soul goes to is the human’s fate. I look up to the Liras. They were the superheroes of our world. They give happiness and joy to people, while the Gorgons (like me) bring sadness and sorrow. I didn’t choose this life, but it’s mine now and I have to live with that.

I try and convince myself I am not a bad person, but I can’t see how I am not. I kill thousands of people every year. I go home and look at myself in my cracked mirror and cry. Will I ever be released from this god forsaken place! But, no I won’t, my soul had been put on a spell by Death to where it will never leave my body there for, I never can die nor can I ever live.

But between you and me I have looked in the ancient articles of the Gorgons past and there is a legend that a Gorgon, her name was Sapphire, she fell in love with a human and when they shared true loves kiss, her soul was reborn. She turned into a human again and legend has it she lives life on earth. I didn’t have much hope in it, because it sounded like all the other fairytales I have heard. I have always wondered though, in the very back of my mind, could it be true?






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