She's Not Afraid

16 year old Emily is just your average girl, but her older brother Liam is in One Direction! She's been friends with all the boys for as long as she can remember but she has always been close to Harry. Will Harry still be her best friend when he starts dating Isabel the one who makes Emily's life hell? (This is my first fanfic so don't judge me... If you do I don't care)


12. The Truth Comes Out

Niall's P.O.V

   YES!!! This is the best day of my life! I can't believe that she kissed me! I am so happy right now! I am probably grinning like an idiot but I don't care! My smile slowly disappeared when she climbed off me and exited the room.

Emily's P.O.V

  When I opened the door I heard someone crying, I scanned the hallway and found a figure sitting at the end of it, with their arms wrapped around their knees. I walked over to them and discovered that it was Harry. Why was he crying? I sat down and wrapped my arms around him "What's wrong Harry?"  He didn't say anything he just burried his head deeper into his knees. "Come on Harry I'm your best friend, tell me what's wrong." He got up and started to walk away but I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down. He reluctantly sat back down crossing his legs. I didn't want him to leave so I sat on his lap facing him, I could see that his eyes were bright red even though he was trying not to look at me. I grabbed his chin so he had to look at me "Harry, I hate seeing you like this, please just tell me what's wrong." He sighed "You wouldn't understand.." He said drying his tears "Try me" I said poking him lightly in the stomach "No, it's to complicated." He whispered "Harry Edward Styles just tell me!" "Fine.... Ok so um... I-I-I-I love you, and I always have and when I saw you with Niall... You don't know how much that hurt!" I could see Harry's eyes were filling with tears, but I was shocked and it must have shown because Harry then whispered "Sorry.." I had to get out of here, I was just so confused. I got off Harry's lap and ran down stairs and out the door into the cold night air. I could hear that Harry was running after me but I didn't care I just had to be alone. "Emily wait!" I heard him yell but that only made me run faster, I didn't want to see him after what he said. 

   I finally stopped at the park and sat on one of the swings and started to cry. I didn't realise that Harry was standing in front of me untill he put his hands on my sholders and whispered "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you.." I shook my head "Harry, it's not that. Its just.." I said trailing off. "Just what?" He said in a caring tone "It's just...When you were dating Isabel I thought I was loosing you... And then, you tell me this.." I said looking at the ground while a tear ran down my cheek. He sighed whiping away my tear "Em, the only reason I dated Isabel was to make you notice me, but I couldn't take how she was hurting you.."  "Harry I do notice you. Don't you remember what happened in Art?" I said trying to sound happy but failing. "Yeah I do, but I felt like... like we don't talk how we used to and I miss that.." "I do to.." I said in almost a whisper.

   "I'm sorry Harry I have to go.." I said as I got up, still crying and started to walk back home. "Wait I'll walk back with you.." He said jogging to catch up "No, I just need some space at the moment." He stopped me and put his hands on my sholders, I sighed and looked at the ground. He placed one of his hands on my chin and lifted it so I faced him, he took his hand away but my face stayed in the same position. He then wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in closer and I rested my head on his chest, I was still crying so he combed his fingers though my hair, it was relaxing, soon I stopped crying. "Thanks.." I whispered into his chest "No problem." He said then lightly kissed my head. I must have been shivering because he placed his coat over my sholders "But won't you be cold?" I said offering it back to him "Nah I'll be fine." He replied smiling, so I wrapped his coat around me.

   When we were a couple of blocks away from the house I stopped Harry "I just want to know something" "What is it?" He replied curious "Why me?" "What do you mean?" "Why do you like me? I mean there's nothing special about me, I'm just me.." He laughed "That's the point, you are you and you won't let anyone change that." "Oh..." I said blushing a little. He moved closer towards me, now only a few inches away from my face. He slowly placed his hands on my waist and lent down and gently placed his lips on mine, I kissed him back and he increased the intensity, it felt good...but not as good as the kiss with Niall. I pulled back and Harry gazed into my eyes and whispered "I have been waiting to do that for a while.." I just looked away blushing, I'm so confused. "Um..I was wondering...if.." He started but soon trailed off "If what Harry?" I said in a caring tone "If out with me?" "Ah, yeah sure.." I replied still processing what he had just said. When I looked back at him he had the biggest smile on his face, he grabbed my hand "I can't wait untill I tell the others!" He said beaming, SHIT! NO! NIALL! What have I got myself into?

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