She's Not Afraid

16 year old Emily is just your average girl, but her older brother Liam is in One Direction! She's been friends with all the boys for as long as she can remember but she has always been close to Harry. Will Harry still be her best friend when he starts dating Isabel the one who makes Emily's life hell? (This is my first fanfic so don't judge me... If you do I don't care)


17. Sorry..

Emily's P.O.V

   When Louis, Jess and I were walking to meet the others I heard quiet sobbing. "I'll meet you guys in the cafeteria.." I said walking towards the sound. I walked up to the girl, "Hey, what's wrong?" I said in a caring tone sitting next to her. She shot me a dirty look "Why would you care?" She replied in a annoyed voice "Because I don't like seeing people sad.." She laughed "What's so funny?" "You're acting like you don't know who I am.." I sighed "Danielle I do remember who you are.. Now what happened?" "You know how Isabel and Harry broke up, then you and him got together." She said wiping away her tears. "Yeah.." "Well... She started talking all this shit about you... Then she found out that we used to be friends... Now I'm out of the group.." "I-I-I'm sorry.." I whispered. "No.. It's not your fault.." I gave her a confused look "I was going to leave the group soon, because I didn't want to be associated with Isabel if she's going to keep tormenting people.." We sat there in scilence for a couple of minutes "Do you want to sit with my group?" "Umm... Yeah.. Ok" We got up, walked into the cafeteria and sat down with the others.

   "Danielle? What are you doing here?" Harry asked confused. "WOW! That's a warm welcoming! Thanks Harry.." Danielle replied sarcasticly "Oh.. Sorry, that came out wrong.." Harry whispered."Well if you have to know I got kicked out of my group.." Danielle said looking at the ground. "What? Why?" Liam asked "Well long story short Isabel talked shit 'bout Emily, found out I used to be friends with her and abracadabra I'm out!"


Danielle's P.O.V

   They all probably hate me.. I don't want to be mean like this, I'm actually really nice. It's just Isabel has drilled it into our brains that we need to act like this...

   "DANI?" I spun around to see Isabel storming towards me. "What are you doing here, with HER?" She said in a discusted tone. "Don't act so surprised Izz, you're the one that kicked me out.." She stood there speechless. "First MY boyfriend and now MY best friend!" She spat at Emily raising her hand about to slap her, when a girl, I think Jess stood up "You really want to do that again?" Isabel quickly lowered her hand "Thought so" Jess smiled as she sat down. Isabel started to walk away "Oh and Izz, I was NEVER your best friend!" I yelled, she gave me a shocked look but who cares it's not like I need be nice to her anymore...


A/N: Hey! Just saying I don't mean to offend anyone by the characters.  So yeah.. Anyway THANKS for all the views and stuff! And can you please leave any feedback on any of my 3 stories that would be great! Thanks.

~Emily :D

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