She's Not Afraid

16 year old Emily is just your average girl, but her older brother Liam is in One Direction! She's been friends with all the boys for as long as she can remember but she has always been close to Harry. Will Harry still be her best friend when he starts dating Isabel the one who makes Emily's life hell? (This is my first fanfic so don't judge me... If you do I don't care)


4. It's Hard To Explain...

Emily's P.O.V

   As soon as I walked into the cafeteria I burst out laughing. "OUT OF MY WAY! THE SASS MISTER IS IN THE BUILDING!!!" Louis is so embarrising, but in a good way. As I take my seat next to Niall and Harry I see a figure who is so familiar. The girl has long black hair and chestnut eyes "Jess?" I ask the girl "Emily?" she replied smiling. "It's been so long!" she says as I hug her "Where's Sinead?" Jess steps to the side and what do you know a girl comes and hugs me. Sinead and Jess are twins but funny enough they look completely different! Sinead has medium length strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. After a series of hugs I take them to meet the boys.

   "Hey guys these are my friends that have just transfered here from California!" I introduce Jess and Sinead to the boys and notice that Louis is staring at Jess, breathless. What's wrong with him? Anyway when I introduced Sinead to Harry she went bright red! "AWWWWW Sinead!" I whispered teasing her. We finally sat down and started conversation with the others.


Jess' P.O.V  

   Emily's friends were so nice I just hope they don't hurt her. "So Jess, how do you know Emily?" asked a boy with brown hair, I think he was called Louis. "Well I met Emily in primary school at athletics. Ha I can still remember my first impression of her it was, WOW is this chic high?" I laughed at the memory. "That's not like the Emily I know" he laughed and punched her playfully on the arm. Emily finally spoke "What do you both have next?" I looked at our timetables. "Music in room 50" "YAY! Niall and I have music as well" she beamed at me. 


Emily's P.O.V

   "Hey Em can I talk to you?'' Louis whispered "Um yeah sure" we walked into an empty hall way. "Ok so you know your friend Jess, I was just wondering if you can maybe ask her if she has a boyfriend?" "HA has the sass master finally met his match?" I teased "Can you please just ask her? But don't tell her that I told you to" "Sure" I was cracking up inside that Louis liked Jess! We walked back to the others and sat back down "Where did you two go?" Liam asked curious "Oh, nowhere, Louis just needed to get a drink" I replied. *DING,DING,DING* We all got up and set off to class.

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