She's Not Afraid

16 year old Emily is just your average girl, but her older brother Liam is in One Direction! She's been friends with all the boys for as long as she can remember but she has always been close to Harry. Will Harry still be her best friend when he starts dating Isabel the one who makes Emily's life hell? (This is my first fanfic so don't judge me... If you do I don't care)


25. Falling Apart

Niall's P.O.V

   That's it! He's gone too far this time! I burst through the front door and walk straight to Harry.

   "Great party isn't it mate?" He slurs with a drink in hand. Without thinking my fist crashes into his jaw.

   "WHAT THE HECK?!" He screams in pain, dropping his drink.

   "How could you?" I ask as my voice starts to crack.

   "How could I what?" He asks standing back up.


Isabel's P.O.V

   My plan is working! I cannot believe how easy it is! HA!


Niall's P.O.V

   "Harry are you really that stupid?" 

   "I have no idea what you are saying!" He yelled back at me.

   "You kissed her!" I said gesturing towards Isabel. She gave us an evil grin and waved her hand.

   "What? No, no I didn't!" He said combing his fingers through his hair in frustration.

   "Party's over." Harry said bluntly and with that everyone exited the house.

   "See ya later babe." Isabel said giving Harry a peck on the cheek before leaving.


Emily's P.O.V

   "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed at Liam as we approached our house.

   "Em, please. I can help you." He said trying to grab my wrist.

   "It was just too easy." I heard that skank say as I passed her.

   "Bitch." I mumble under my breath as I shove my shoulder into hers. When I walk through the door I don't bother to talk to the remaining people I just run up to my room and lock the door. 

   "Where is it!" I scream to myself. Once I find it I carefully glide the metal blade across my wrist and stomach. 

    "Em?" Someone says while they knock on the door.

    "Go away!" I yell back as I start cleaning up the blood.

   "It's me, Sinead" She says through the door.

   "And me, Jess!" Jess adds at the end. 

   "I don't want to see anyone!" I reply slipping into my pajamas.

   There was no response after that. Soon I fell asleep.


~Next Day~


Harry's P.O.V

   I woke up with a killer headache. Why did I drink so much last night? I get up and chucked a hoodie and track pants on and walked down stairs.

   "Hey Li" I said while I grabbed some food. He rolled his eyes and stormed upstairs. What's his problem? I was almost finished my breakfast when Louis and Jess walked into the lounge.

   "Hey guys!" Jess gave me a look that said 'I could kill you right now' and walked into the kitchen.

   "What's wrong with everyone!" I asked while I put my dishes into the sink. Louis sighed and went to join Jess in the kitchen. I walked upstairs and went to my room. Everything from last night came crashing into my mind.

   "Nice one Harry!" I said while falling back into my bed. 

   I heard someone talking outside my door so I got up and pressed my ear against it.

   "Liam stop! It won't accomplish anything!"

   "He deserves it though! He broke my sisters heart!" There was a bang against my door.

   "You should've seen her last night Sinead! He made her start cutting again!" No. No this can be happening! She can't have started to cut again! Tears started running down my cheeks at the thought of her cutting again. The door handle started turning but couldn't open due to me sitting against it. 

    "Harry! Let me in!" Liam yelled trying to open the door. I was frozen. I couldn't move. Every time I blinked the image of Em gliding a sharp object across her wrist kept on appearing in my mind.

   I don't know how but somehow Liam got the door open and now was towering over me.

   "I'm sorry.." I whispered 


A/N: I'm so so so sooooo sorry for not updating in agesssssssssssss! But here it is! You know what to do :)


~Emily :D


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