She's Not Afraid

16 year old Emily is just your average girl, but her older brother Liam is in One Direction! She's been friends with all the boys for as long as she can remember but she has always been close to Harry. Will Harry still be her best friend when he starts dating Isabel the one who makes Emily's life hell? (This is my first fanfic so don't judge me... If you do I don't care)


11. Dinner Is Served

Emily's P.O.V

   After another hour or so of talking we all went into the kitchen and were deciding what to order for dinner. "FISH AND CHIPS!" Louis shouted "NO! BURGERS!" Niall shouted back "What about pizza?" Liam suggested "Yeah I could go for some pizza" I said while the others agreed. Zayn called the pizza parlor and ordered 4 large pizzas, "Ok guys they will be ready in 20 minutes" "We'll go get them" Liam said while grabbing Sinead's hand and walking to the door. "Ok, but hurry back I'm STARVING!" Niall yelled as they walked out the door.


Sinead's P.O.V

   It was freezing outside when Liam and I started walking to the pizza parlor and I guess that he could tell that I was cold because he grabbed my waist and held me close. "I missed you.." he said blushing a bit. I stopped and looked into his eyes "I did to." I smiled and stared walking but Liam grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards him. He leaned down, closed his eyes and kissed me. At first I was shocked but I soon closed my eyes and kissed him back. When I pulled away I could see he had a huge grin on his face which made me giggle. We continued walking to the pizza parlor hand in hand. When we got there we still had a five minute wait so we sat down and stared talking about what happened after I went away, we were interupted but a husky voice yelling "ORDER 10!" "Oh that's us" Liam said as he grabbed the 4 pizzas. We started walking back home when I heard Liam's phone rig "Hello?" He said into the phone, the person said something that made Liam laugh "Ok we will be home soon. Bye." He put his phone away and tured to me "Niall's hungry" I giggled and we walked a bit faster.

   When we walked through the door Niall stole the pizzas of of us and ran into the lounge. "Niall give me some!" Emily yelled as she chased after him. Liam then turned to me and pulled me in closer, I was inches away from is face when he crashed his lips into mine, but we were interupted by Jess waving a piece of pizza infront of us. "Come on love birds Niall's eating all the pizza" I gave her the biggest glare I could, but she just stuck her tongue out and skipped into the lounge. Liam grabbed my hand and lead me into the lounge.


Emily's P.O.V

   When Sinead and Liam walked into the lounge something was different with Sinead she seemed, more confident. Anyway I was about to grab the last piece of pizza when Niall's hand cut me off "Niall!" "What?" "I was ging to have that!" As I said that Niall shoved the piece into his mouth. "Niall!" I yelled as I jumpped on top of him,  he pushed me off him and started laughing while he ran away. "Oh no you don't!" I yelled as I ran after him. We ran around the house a couple of times, then Niall ran into my room and closed the door. "Niall open the door!!" I yelled trying to open it "No! You'll get me!" He yelled back "I promise I won't" I said crossing my fingers "Ok.." He said opening the door, I stepped in as he sat on my bed. I thought it would be funny if I tackled him so I stepped a little closer to him, closer, closer until I was a few feet away from him. I then jumpped on top of him pinning him to my bed. "Get off me!" He yelled laughing "NO! Not until you apologise!" "For what?" "Eating MY pizza!" "NEVER!!" "Alright if you say so.." I said leaning in closer to his face laughing. I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks it felt so.. so right. Niall then grabbed my waist and pulled me in colser, I started laughing even harder. "What's so funny?" "Nothing I just still want my pizza!" "But I ate it all" "I know" I said laughing. I started leaning in closer, I was inches away from his face now. I could see he was blushing really badly "AWWWWW Niall!" I said teasing him leaning in closer, I was tilting my head so I could look him in the eyes. "Your eyes are so beatuiful.." Niall whispered, now I was the one blushing. Wait did he really say that? God I'm blushing so badly I could explode, thank God it's dark.. I don't know what came over me but the next thing I knew I closed my eyes and started leaning in, he must have done the same because a moment later our lips were locked. I don't really know how to explain what it was like but all I know is that it felt right. I quickly pulled back when I heard the door close.


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