Stole My Heart

This movella is about the things everyone does for the one they love. You have Louis and Bethany and Niall and Holly. You can read what happens between both the couples and all the lads inside.


13. Wedding Plans

Beth's POV

Oh my god! I was not expecting that reaction to me being pregnant! Harry stormed out! He looked so mad and gave me a death glare but everyone else seemed so happy for me. I don't get why he always seems so mad whenever I'm near him. Maybe he hates me. Louis noticed me so upset that he gave me a hug and asked me whats wrong because I have never bitten my nails and I was biting them.

B: I think Harry hates me

LT: Why would he?

B: He just seems mad whenever I'm around and he stormed out when we told them I'm pregnant, Louis.

LT: Don't be worried, babe. Anyway we have to plan the wedding.

B: We haven't told your family that I'm expecting yet.

LT: Oh. I forgot to tell you we're going round there for dinner tomorrow.

B: Oh ok. When will our wedding be because I will be quite big if its in a few months.

LT: When is your 20 week scan again?

B: The 23rd which is the day after tomorrow

LT: Oh alright. I'll go with you so we can know what gender the baby is.

B: Do you want it to be a suprise or do you want to know?

LT: I want to know, to be honest.

B: I want to know too.


Then we kissed and started to plan the wedding.


Louis' POV

I wonder what my mum will think of Beth being pregnant.

B: I will have seven bridesmaids and Holly will be my maid of honour.

LT: Who are the other 6?

B: Your 4 sisters, Kelly and my sister, Natalie.

LT: Oh right. Thats sweet that you want my sisters as your bridesmaids.

B: I love your sisters. They're so nice. I love them.

LT: They love you too but not as much as I do.

B: Well obviously. That would be weird if they did.

LT: My groomsmen will be Liam and Zayn. My best man will be.....

B: Harry

LT: I was gonna say Niall.

B: If you want Harry to be your best man it doesn't matter if he hates me

LT: It'll make you uncomfortable though. Can I have all the lads as best men?

B: Of course babe. That way they can share duties. Good idea.

LT: Since thats sorted we just have to decide the date and tell them.

B: aren't you forgetting erm.....everything else. I love you.

LT: One step at a time princess. I love you too.


Then we kissed and went back to planning. Now I'm definately excited to marry the love of my life, Bethany. Now to tell my mum about the baby.

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