Stole My Heart

This movella is about the things everyone does for the one they love. You have Louis and Bethany and Niall and Holly. You can read what happens between both the couples and all the lads inside.


9. The Visit

Niall's POV

We had just set off to Louis and Beth's new house. Me and my fiancee, Holly, were both really excited. When we finally got there it was huge! Holy Guacamole! I ran up and knocked on the door. Both Louis and Beth answered it.

B: Hey Niall

LT: Hello Niallator

N: I'm just excited!

B: Aww Niall. Come on in.

Louis's POV

When everyone was here and Beth had ordered the pizza. We decided to show them around.

B: There are 5 bedrooms with a double bed with them for you boys and your ladies

Z: Cool.

B: I'll drop you off at them in a bit.

After about half an hour she took us to the studio

B: Guys, this is the studio where you guys can work if you want.

N: Who does that guitar belong to?

B: Me

N: You can play guitar?

B: Yeah.....

LT: she is an amazing singer. I've heard her singing in the shower.

N: Can you sing and play a song just for us please?

B: I'll do it in the booth

LT: Alright, babe

Beth's POV

Oh my gosh! I was so nervous. I picked up my guitar and sat down in the booth and started singing Little Things. When I had finished I asked them if it sounded ok.

N: Ok? Ok? That was amazing!

HM: Whoa!

LT: Told you didn't I?

Z: Yeah you did.

Just as Harry was about to say something the doorbell rang and Niall ran to it so fast it was unbelievable. We all sat down and ate our pizza then I got some ice cream out. When we had devoured it all I asked everyone if they wanted to watch a film and stay here for the night and they all said yes.

LP: Can we watch Toy Story?

B: I have nothing against that

LT: Me neither

N: I'm alright with it if Holly's alright with it

HM: Let's watch it

We got loads of Doritos and other snacks and sat down and watched all three of the Toy Storys (Liam cried at the last one) then when the last one had finished it was midnight so we all went to bed.

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