Stole My Heart

This movella is about the things everyone does for the one they love. You have Louis and Bethany and Niall and Holly. You can read what happens between both the couples and all the lads inside.


6. The Perfect Birthday

Louis' POV

My girlfriend was taking me to a Robbie Williams concert that had sold out in about half an hour! I decided just then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She's the one for me. When we got to the concert it was about 5pm and the concert starts at 7:30pm so she took me to my favourite restaurant, Pizza Hut as a special gift. She ordered me my favourite pizza and everything was perfect.


LT: I love you

B: I love you too

LT: Thank you.......for everything.

B: Its no problem for my Boobear.

LT: Aww babe


Then we kissed and went to the concert. The whole time we were holding hands then at the end of it something happened....


R: I wish Louis Tomlinson a very happy birthday!

LT: Beth?! This was the other suprise?

B: Yeah

LT: I love it!

B: I have something else. Come on!


Then we got in the car and drove to the beach. We both took our shoes off and I rolled my chinos up and then we stood in the water.


LT: This is perfect.

B: Its not the end of it. Look up.

LT: Ok


I looked up and saw fireworks setting off that spelled in the sky 'Happy birthday to the one I love, Louis Tomlinson. I love you' How sweet is that!


LT: No way!

B: Did you like it?

LT: Yes! Of course I did! I wouldn't change a thing about today!


We kissed for a bit then we went home.

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