Stole My Heart

This movella is about the things everyone does for the one they love. You have Louis and Bethany and Niall and Holly. You can read what happens between both the couples and all the lads inside.


10. The next day

Zayn's POV

Z: Morning everyone

B: Morning Zayn

LT: Beth, can we work in the studio this morning?

B: Thats what its there for

LT: Alright. Later on we have a concert at the O2. Can you please come?

B: Wouldn't miss it.


I can't wait to see her face later when Louis says what he's going to say.


Z: Kelly and Holly, will you guys come too.

K: Sure, babe

H: is ea

Z: What?

N: That means yeah

Z: Oh ok.


Beth made us all plenty of delicious pancakes. The funny thing was when Harry asked if he could help she said GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN. We all thought that was hilarious and when we had eaten we went upstairs with Beth to the studio so Beth could show us her songs and since they were so good she helped us write all of our new ones. We were writing songs the majority of the day and we finished at about 4pm so we could have a rest before we needed to go and get ready for the special concert.

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