Stole My Heart

This movella is about the things everyone does for the one they love. You have Louis and Bethany and Niall and Holly. You can read what happens between both the couples and all the lads inside.


8. The house

Louis' POV

Oh my gosh! The house is huge and amazing. It has 5 bedrooms, each with a double bed, a fully built studio so we can work here, a swimming pool, a conservatory and everything I have ever wanted! Boy, does Beth know me well..

B: What do you think?

LT: I love it! Its got everything I've ever wanted in it!

B: Good. I spent ages looking for it. I nearly forgot. There is something else.

LT: Something else?!

B: Yeah. Follow me.

She took me to the garage and in the middle of it was a huge, beautiful, red family car!

LT: Who is this for?

B: You, silly

LT: You have treated me way too much!

B: You deserve it. You're the one I love and you need to see it.

LT: Thanks so much, baby. I love you

B: I love you more. Here are the car keys.


She handed me a set of car keys with one key chain on it. On the keychain it said Bouis (our couple name) on one side and I'll always love you on the other.


LT: Aww our couple name is on here.

B: Yes.

LT: Can I invite the lads over tomorrow so they can see the house?

B: I was about to suggest that myself.


*on phone*

LT: Hey Nialler

N: Hi

LT: Can you put me on speaker?

N: Sure.

LT: Hello dere everybody

Z: Hi

HS: Hello

HM: Hey

K: Hi

LT: I am at the new house. Do you wanna come around tomorrow for pizza?

N: I'll be there for sure!

HM: I will too.

LP: Count me in!

LT: Alright. The address is 978 Solden Road. See you tomorrow at 6.

N: Bye


B: Are they coming?

LT: Yeah! I can't wait for them to see the house!

B: Neither can I!

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