Stole My Heart

This movella is about the things everyone does for the one they love. You have Louis and Bethany and Niall and Holly. You can read what happens between both the couples and all the lads inside.


18. Meet Tommy

Louis' POV

Beth's waters just broke! Tommy is on his way! We're at the hospital right now! She has been in labour for 5 hours! She must be in so much pain. Shes clinging onto my hand and I'm doing deep breathing with her. I am teling her that she can do it and shes pushing, pushing, pushing. The doctor kept telling us what he can see . She was in labour for about six hours in total. Tommy is adorable.


LT: Are you okay now, love?

B: Yes I'm good.

LT: Tommy is adorable

B: That's because he looks like you, my adorable husband.

LT: He looks like you, my beautiful wife.

B: That's rubbish.


The Nurse brought Tommy back into the room and placed him in my arms. We were allowed to take him home the next day. When we brought him home everyone was there waiting for us. Everyone had a chance to hold Tommy and Tommy soon fell asleep from all the excitement but not before he had been fed. Me and Beth took Tommy upstairs and very slowly and quietly placed our beautiful baby boy in his cot.

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