An Impossible Love Vol. 2

''This is the start of something beautiful, this is the start of something new, you are the one who'd make me lose it all, you are the start of something new, and I'll throw it all away
and watch you fall into my arms again,and I'll throw it all away, watch you fall..
You are the earth that I will stand upon, you are the words that I will sing..''

Get to know the huge twist in the story of the new life of Mandy and Harry..


5. What he really, truly, deserved.


Harry’s P.O.V:

I was shocked, I was frozen, I couldn’t believe her words, I was truly surprised by the whole thing, at first I swore she was kidding, as I kept asking, and by her scared look I started to believe everything, we were just not only newlyweds but parents to be, everything was so surreal, but for some reason, I was full of joy, happiness, it was incredible the thought of having a mini little person with your own DNA, I was thrilled about the whole idea of being a father, in normal circumstances being a father this young would probably look, I don’t know, out of time? Untimely? Premature?, but I felt I was ready, I was ready to live that experience, specially with her, we didn’t talk much about topic, she was numb with all my emotions you could tell, I was hands down the happiest man on earth.

Mandy’s P.O.V:

He felt asleep very fast, guess he was all emotions about the monumental news, I couldn’t believe he acted like that, he reacted like that, he was HAPPY, he was truly and genuinely blissful about the fact that I was pregnant, I was going crazy, my mind was quite a chaos, I couldn’t get any sleep, I was rolling in my bed like a child with stomachache, he looked like a baby in his sleep, so peaceful, I was becoming insane. I was impressed, all I was hiding for those couple of weeks, was finally out of my mouth, and I felt like the stupidest person alive, his happiness made me feel so guilty, why I hid that from him? If I knew then, what I saw in his eyes when I told him, everything would be so different.

He was still sleeping, I don’t blame him it was only 8:15am, I couldn’t stand the bed anymore so I just jumped out of it, I went straight to the bathroom, stared myself in the mirror for some long seconds, felt and touched my tummy, simply admiring how it will be growing with time, I smiled a bit and took off my clothes, I opened the faucet and started to wash my hair, I was enjoying the temperature, the water and basically that specific time alone with myself, thinking and figuring out, how was I suppose to tell him that I had 8 weeks of pregnancy, that I’ve been bleeding lately, that I’ve been hiding that from him all this time..  I shook off my head and tried to block and avoid those thoughts, I prayed to have the right words for him, and for us to keep moving on with our life together and with this new phase of our lives.

I got out of the bathroom, dried my soaking wet hair with a clean towel and started to brush it, preparing it to be blow-dried, to my surprise Harry was waking up, I rushed to him and kissed his lips, I could feel a lovely smile growing in his adorable face and his warm morning breath, he yawned, stretched, fixed his short sexy hair, and took the sheets and covers off his body, It was incredible how my heart accelerated by looking at his bare chest, we’ve been together for a very while now and I still got those goosebumps when he touches me, I was truly madly deeply in love.

'’Get ready love, we’ll have breakfast together’’ – I told him.

‘’Are we going out?’’ – he asked lovely

‘’Yes babe, I’ll take you out..’’- I replied, his smile melted me; you could see how excited and adorably happy he was, I was nervous, I was naturally anxious, I needed to get things done and being completely honest with him.

He went to mind his own business, getting his outfit on, and styling his hair, while I was doing exactly the same, once I had my hair completely blow-dried, I proceeded to get dressed, since it was December already, which of course was my favorite time of the year, specially in London, the snow, the weather, the whole season in the city was beyond belief, gorgeous, the lights, the decoration, the streets, the whole Christmas spirit, and all the memories of last Christmas are still fresh in my mind, I had a wonderful time with the love of my life who was my boyfriend then, and of course my amazing aunt Nina, so thinking of winter, I put my animal zebra print coat on, some tight black leggings, my cocoa uggs,  and light natural makeup, I was ready, I sprayed some of my favorite perfume on me and went to Harry’s.

‘’You done babe?’’

‘’Yes, love, I’m ready to go..’’ -  he said, I smiled, held his hand and made him follow me.

We got in the car, I told him I was driving, he was cool with everything, he was fine with the whole thing, he was enjoying the suspense, the mystery, he couldn’t close his mouth, he was smiling the whole time, it was actually funny, it was like nothing could go wrong for him, I glanced at him a couple of times in the road, and I couldn’t help but smile as well, it was hard not being happy in his presence, he got that something that has the power of steal your heart, and that’s honestly something I will always be thankful for.

The day was lovely, it was a perfect day, for talking and spending quality time as a couple, it was my chance to make everything right for once, my chance to fix everything I probably never did right, my chance to be honest, my chance to prove him I love him, my chance to let him know, how much he means to me, he was humming the song from the radio, changing stations, I could swear he was trying to find some of their songs, I couldn’t help but laugh, it was something he couldn’t avoid doing, each time we got in a car, he simply had to do that, the funny thing is he succeeded most of the times.

I parked, it was our favorite coffee place, the first place we went when we met each other, the place he took me when I came to London for the first time, it was quite special to us, it brings so many memories, so it was very cozy and warm coming back there, he was surprised I took him there, he felt it was a thoughtful thing to do from me so I was literally  ‘’winning’’ already.

I had everything figured out, I already had reservations, I had our breakfast selected already, our coffees, everything, when we got inside the place, the waiter I contacted, guided us to our secluded and private table, Harry simply followed the whole time, when we got there and sat in our comfy little table for two, the waiter handed harry a note I personally wrote to him, you could read Harry’s expressions, he was so transparent to me, he was surprised that the waiter gave him a note, it was so unexpected, that was the least thing I could do, surprise him, make him happy, and give him nothing less than what he really, truly, deserved.

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