An Impossible Love Vol. 2

''This is the start of something beautiful, this is the start of something new, you are the one who'd make me lose it all, you are the start of something new, and I'll throw it all away
and watch you fall into my arms again,and I'll throw it all away, watch you fall..
You are the earth that I will stand upon, you are the words that I will sing..''

Get to know the huge twist in the story of the new life of Mandy and Harry..


2. Honey Moon


Harry’s P.O.V:


It’s been 5 days since our wedding, still sounds crazy I know, I never thought in million years I would be married at this age, and with all the things I get to live daily, it’s insane to stare at my wedding ring or even my finger, feels surreal that I share my life officially with someone that stole my heart, in a way that I seriously don’t want her to give it back to me.


We are in Spain, in our honey moon, it’s been amazing, she has been feeling very well, specially cause she speaks Spanish so she’s been speaking Spanish a whole lot the past couple of days, since I don’t know a thing, she’s the one taking us to different places. Everything has been phenomenal except for one thing, she has been feeling sick like almost everyday, dizzy, clumsy, she can’t even have a decent meal, cause she feels like throwing up, so in that part it’s really disappointing cause I wanted her to enjoy this time we have together.


Walking on the streets of Barcelona has been a real nightmare, I never thought It would be that difficult, in our 2nd day, we tried to do some shopping, Mandy was really into buying some stuff, everything was working just fine, till’ the people started to recognize us, the funny thing is, she got recognized first, so basically thanks to her a whole crowd was made in seconds, it was incredible, I don’t know where all those people were, girls were screaming ‘’Te amo Harry TE AMO!!’’ – I had no clue what were they saying, Mandy was laughing the whole time, we signed some autographs, took some pictures with them, but it got out of hands, the mass of people was growing substantially, Mandy was starting to get scared, and I didn’t want her to freak out, we suddenly started running, thank God we were not far from the hotel, the bad part was that they would know where we were staying. In our running, trying to scape, Mandy fell off the ground, pretty bad, I felt so impotent, I tried to helped her get up, she was crying desperately, I didn’t understand why, she just had some scratch in her knees and arms and hit her belly a little but that was it, she was not majorly injured, she was crying and crying, I was so freaking confused, the girls were still screaming and yelling, running after us, she stood up slowly and we finally got to the hotel, security took responsibility of the crowd and we went straight to our room.


‘’What’s wrong babe? Why are you crying like that? Did you really injured yourself?’’ – I asked her in a concerned manner, she was still sobbing and drying out her tears, i put my hands on the sides of her face and wiped away her salty tears, ‘’Look at me princess..’’ – I said whilst she looked up at me, ‘..What’s wrong love, why are you crying like that?’’ – I almost whispered, she stood there with her mouth shut crying, staring at me, but in silence, I was really worried, she didn’t want to tell me anything. ‘’Love, please’’ – I begged, ‘’It’s.. It’s nothing I’m just being sappy and sentimental I guess, it’s nothing I just.. got scared..’’ – she mumbled.


I was not satisfied with her answer at all, but just when I was about to say something to her.. ‘’I’ll go and take a shower love, my head it’s exploding right now’’ – she added, I nodded gave her a kiss in her forehead and watched her go inside the bathroom and closed the door.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


I was trying to calm myself down, I was locked in the bathroom cleaning the blood from my knees and my elbows, and getting the dirt I got from the ground off the scratch I got in my belly, I was so scared, so scared that something wrong may happen with me falling like that, I felt so vulnerable, so alone, but I chose to feel like that, I’m alone in this cause I wanted to, I left Harry out of this and this is only one consequence of probably many more to come. I was sitting in the tub, pouring warm water over the little wounds in my legs it itched a bit but I felt calmed some seconds after. I was worried that the baby could suffered that, but I just wasn’t brave enough to tell Harry.

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