An Impossible Love Vol. 2

''This is the start of something beautiful, this is the start of something new, you are the one who'd make me lose it all, you are the start of something new, and I'll throw it all away
and watch you fall into my arms again,and I'll throw it all away, watch you fall..
You are the earth that I will stand upon, you are the words that I will sing..''

Get to know the huge twist in the story of the new life of Mandy and Harry..


4. Crystal Clear



Mandy’s P.O.V:


‘’..if you really love Harry, prove it..’’ – those words kept on rumbling in my head, it sounded so simple yet so complex, Niall was so right about everything, that it just made me feel worse about myself, Harry didn’t deserve to be fooled like that, I was being a total inconsiderate person, how would I be capable of doing something like that if we share everything together?.

‘’I hope you do the right thing..’’ – he added, ‘’I’ll try to not disappoint you again, I promise..’’ – I replied to him, he breathed in deeply and frustration was all over his face, he was indignant about all I’ve been doing, I was lucky that after all my stupidity he was there to catch me, and support me.

‘’Thank you because despite of my.. everything, you are not leaving me alone in this..’’ – I added, I slowly looked to the ground, I was so embarrassed to look straight to his face, he approached himself to me gently, ‘’M, you’re an amazing girl, I would never leave you alone in this situation, you may had done some bad decisions, but I’m sure you’ll be okay..’’ – he said rubbing my back, I turned myself to him and hugged him tight, ‘’thank you, thank you so much.’’ – I whispered in his ear, ‘’Love you silly’’ – he said nicely, ‘’Love you too’’.

Some minutes later he said he got to go, I thanked him again and then I was alone anew. I went to take a shower to ease my mind a little, the conversation with Niall was on play over and over in my head, I touched gently my belly it was getting harder, as the water slid on my skin and fell to the floor of the shower I could see some red drops fading away, I touched myself to verify what I was thinking, I was bleeding again, I was getting frustrated, I had to do something about it, I just didn’t want to go alone to the doctor.

 I got out of the shower after cleaning myself very well, dried my body out with a dark towel, and got dressed, I could hear someone getting inside the house from my walking closet, it was harry, butterflies took my stomach each time I got in his presence, he gave me peace.

‘’Hellooo, is my gorgeous wife, here somewhere?’’ – each time he said the word ‘’wife’’ referring to me I just melted little by little, like ice cream in hands of a child in summer, I decided to keep the silence to make the scene last longer, ‘’Yoohoo, hello?’’ – he kept on shouting, I was giggling in the closet trying to hide myself from him, I could hear him, moving furniture and even moving our bed trying to find me, I could hear his breath getting heavy he was getting tired, he went to the bathroom so I rushed and took my clothes off pretty quick and waited for him in bed, as soon as he got out of the bathroom, he stood still in the doorway, staring at me, he grew the sexiest smile on earth, ‘’So.. there you are!!’’ – he said in a low sexy voice, I just nodded to him, he ran in my direction and literally jumped to the bed and gave me a kiss, he started tickling me, I just couldn’t stop laughing, those minutes made me the happiest woman alive.

He laid in bed right next to me, we were both looking at the ceiling, holding hands, quite, on silence, simply enjoying the moment of being together, he made me happy, he made me feel complete in every single way.. ‘’Babe..’’ -  ‘’Yes princess?’’ – he answered still looking up, ‘’i…..’’ – ‘’You what love?’’ – he interrupted me, ‘’I.. I love you..’’ – was all I could managed to say, the words stagnated in my mouth, I just couldn’t say them, ‘’I love you too sweetheart’’ and kissed my hand, ‘’You know what we need?’’ – he asked me, ‘’What babe?’’, ‘’We need a puppy!!’’ – he said excited, I laughed, ‘’A puppy? Why?’’, ‘’Well we need something of our own, you know like a little baby of ours’’, my stomach became a huge big fat ball of nerves, I dry swallowed, and asked him, ‘’Really, you really want a puppy to resemble a baby?’’ – ‘’Of course, that would be amazing, don’t you think?’’ – ‘’Well to be honest, I don’t find that necessary.’’ – I replied, ‘’Why would you say that!!’’ – he said in a sad way, ‘’Cause you’ll have a real baby of your own..’’  -  he shut immediately, sat in bed extremely fast, and stared at me firmly, ‘’A baby of my own?’’ – he asked with a serious face, I was like a stone so I just nodded, I was dying already, ‘’You mean, wait, babe, are you pregnant?’’ – he asked, when he said that I was about to I don’t know, ran away?, I wanted to be kidnaped by some mutant gnome or something, I was shivering, his suspense was killing me, I nodded twice I was frozen, ‘’Really? Will I be a dad?’’ – I didn’t know what else to do, so I kept nodding like a freak, ‘’Oh my GOD baby, that’s AMAZING!!!!!’’, I felt like something was wrong or did he just said it was ‘’amazing’’ he completely took me by surprise he was laughing and smiling like some kind of weirdo, he was happy about the news, he hugged me tight and kissed me repeatedly  and kept on saying how happy he was, I was shocked there’s no other word to describe how I felt, ‘’When and how did you find out babe?’’ – he asked, he was all curious about simply everything,  I was very overwhelmed about the whole thing I won’t lie, his questions, his reactions, I was numb by the rush of things, ‘’Babe I promise to tell you everything tomorrow morning, we’ll have some special breakfast together..’’ – I replied to him, ‘’Sounds great to me..’’ – he said whilst kissing the tip of my nose, he stared at me for some long seconds and said.. ’’I couldn’t be happier..’’

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