Let Me Love You

Winters mom and dad died. Her parents were very important poeple. They kept that a secert to Winter. before Winters parents died her mother called and left her clues. By the time Winter parents died she had to live with her BFF, Emily. Harrys ( the secert agent/ body guard toWinter) mission is to protectWinter. Hes has to keep it a secert. will he fall for her? what happeneds when she founds out? read and find out.


2. Telling Emily



After i cried like and hour, I decied to go inside the house andsay my good byes. Now I just have to find a place to stay..... OH! I decide I should probably ask Emily. I look at the time on the clock to see if shes out of school. Its 3:01, so she has to be out of school, she doesnt have any after school clubs to day.


"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Hey." Emily said on the other line of the phone.

"Um.... can i meet you in the park nearby your house, its super imortant." I said.

"For you of course! See you in 3mins. K? She asked me.


I hung up the phone and drove to the park. When ever I look at this park, i think back. At my childhood. Emily and I would always come here after school. Emily and I meet on the first day of pre-school. Isnt that cool? We've been friends fo like our whole lives, well expect the 5 years before pre-school.

My thoughts were inturrped by a car door slamed. I trun around, and see Emily standing there. I walk over there."Hey Winter." She said to me. "Hey Em." I sometimes call her that. "I have something to tell you....." I said looking down at my feet. "What is it? You know I will always be here for you. Always. So, now tell me." Emily said to me. I told her everything. Everything that happened. With details. I couldnt help it antmore. I sarted to cry. Em started to rub my back up and down. Trying to make me feel better. "Its gonna be okay. Im here for you. "You stay at my place as long as you want." She said. "Th-ank y-ou.' I said in betweens sniffs. Then she hugged me and said "Its ok. Lets just go. And here." She handed me a wip. I look up at her and gave her a trusting smile. "ok" was all i said. Then, we lelft.

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