Let Me Love You

Winters mom and dad died. Her parents were very important poeple. They kept that a secert to Winter. before Winters parents died her mother called and left her clues. By the time Winter parents died she had to live with her BFF, Emily. Harrys ( the secert agent/ body guard toWinter) mission is to protectWinter. Hes has to keep it a secert. will he fall for her? what happeneds when she founds out? read and find out.


1. Death


            Hi My name is Winter.I am 17 years old. I have Black hair. I am tall.  I live in England. Right now its snowing. In school Im....... popular? you can say. But im not one of those bitchy ones. Im a nice one. I know everybody, and they know me.

            Im im school right now. Im wearing a long white sleve T-Shirt, with some super skinny jeans, and with uggs. My hair blackand its down and a little bit curled. And Im wearing some natural make-up which is foundation, blush, eyeliner, and lip stick.

         *ring,ring*  That was the bell that lets us know that we are out of hell. I walk to my locker. i open my locker and put my books inside. * Dont you wish you girfriend was hot like me*  I go through my purse and look for my phone thats ringing. I pull out my IPhone 5 and sit down on the bench. I answer the phone: "hello" i said. "Hi sweetie. Living...room....couch....I.love....you" My mom said in bettween breaths. Then i herd a scream and the phone was cut off. I didnt even get a chance to say anything. I go searching for Emily. I finally found her in the luch room. "Emily!" i scream but not to lout but loud eough for her to hear. I go walking towards her. i sit down next to her. "Emily, i have to go to my house.  Do you want to come?" I asked. "Im sorry Em not today i have really important test today. Im sorry." I understand her. Her grades arent the best and she needs the grades in order for her to come to college with me.

        I get up and run to my car. i trun the car on and drive. As soon as I arrive my house i run to the front door. I notice that the door is already open. Wierd I thought to my self. I walk in. I see a knife and a gun on the floor. I start to get really scared and start to cry. "Mom! Dad!" i yell while crying. I go to my parents room and find my mom in the corner. Blood all over her. I fall to the ground and start crying. Why? Why me.  I get up and call 911. When im done calling i remember what my said to me on the phone.

        Living.........room....couch...... Why would she say that? All these question go through my head but i push them away. I know what i need to do now. I walk over to the living room. I throw the pillows off the couch and i found 100 milloin bucks! why so much? Ten i find a check for 100 million! Then i find a book, On the cover it says 'winter'. I put all the stuff in my  bag. i go to my room and pack ALL of my stuff. I end up having to use 10 suit caeses. When im done i go to parents room and grbbed their stuff that mean alot to me. When im done the police come and i tell them everything crying, I go to my car and sit there and cring my eyes out. I lost both of my parents i keep thinking over and over again and crying even harder


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