"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


16. The park

Liam's pov.
"Put this on, please." I say handing a blindfold to Meg. She looks beautiful with her silky blue blouse on and red skinny jeans. "Okay Liam" she smiles." We walk in silence holding each others hands when I notice her goosebumps. I take off my jacket and lay it lightly on her bare shoulders. "Thanks" she whispers barely audible and we continue on our walk. " We're here, love. You can take off the blindfold in 3,2,1 (FLICK, hehehe)

Meg's pov.
Wow, it's the park my... never mind. "Liam I love you and this park." "I love you, too." He says while he leans in and kisses me. "I thought you might like it" he says and it reminds of something but it was a long time ago.

"You'll love this park it's got swings, a slide; everything you could imagine." Your dad says. Your only six so this exites you. "Daddy, how come its called a park? And what makes it so special." "Um well I don't know why it's called a park." He says avoiding the other question so you repeat it. "What makes it special?" "Your mother came here all the time." He says but it takes him a while but then goes on. "Mommy used to climb the trees and everything. she would always play and..." He is concentrating on something else so you decide it's not worth it. You both get out of the car and get on the swings. You swinging your legs. Your dad pushing you. You thought everything was perfect for once but then you hear a man and a woman fighting, and the man pulls out a gun then shoots her while she falls to the ground silently. While all this happens your dad ushers you behind his back and calls 911. But the scary man doesn't like it so he pulls the gun out and starts yelling at daddy, poking him with the gun. So he yells for you to run and hide you were taught never to argue with him so you do it. As you hide behind a tree you watch your dad get killed. But you'll never forget his words," I thought you might like it."
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