"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


21. Seeing Kacie and Zayn

Liam's pov.
Her lips are brushing mine so softly, but something else sticky and wet is racing from her face to mine. At first I don't realize what it is but then it hits me. Tears. I pause our kiss. "What's wrong baby?" I ask softly. "Nothing" "You can tell me, you know that right? I'm here for you forever and always."

Megan's pov.
My thoughts are zipping around my head "I'm here for you forever and always..."

*Flash back*
You are five and your on your way to bed as your dad carries you, you cry softly in his chest. Today was mommy's funeral. To make you feel better he whispers to you as he lays you on your bed and sits down beside you "Mommy may not be here in person, but she's here right now. She loved you and still does. Though she's gone She will be there for you. I'm here for you forever and always. Night princess, love you." "Night Daddy love you more." You say as he hugs you tight in his arms crying and kissing your cheek, "Love you the most." He says as he lets go and walks out of your room and shuts the light off, leaving you alone in the dark.
*End of Flash Back*

Liam's pov.
I know something is up. She 's hiding it from me so I lead her to the bench, but when we sit down I get a text from Zayn that says him and Kacie are in the hospital. "Uhhh...Megan?"
"Yeah?" She asks unsurely. "Zayn and Kacie are in the hospital, lets go." She doesn't reply but grabs my hand and we start running.

*15 minutes later*
(Still Liam's pov.)
We run hand in hand to the hospital and we see all the boys and girls there. Niall looks ticked. "Hey Liam" he says as he points to Megan. "Her names Megan." I say simply. "Do you guys know where the rooms are?" But instead of Niall answering the girl I think is Makayla does "Yes us girls are going to see Kacie as you guys go see Zayn. Then we switch." She says as Megan leaves me to go see Kacie.

(In Zayn's room)
Louis's pov.
Zayn's up and twiddling his fingers. "Guys!" He shouts "How's Kacie is she alright?" He asks, the worry in his voice and on his face. "We haven't seen her yet." "Oh" he replies unsatisfied. His hair is messed up and he has bruises on his face and body that I try so hard to ignore. "So...how did you two end up in here?" I ask and he looks at me with anger-filled eyes and starts his story.

(In Kacie's room)
Makayla's pov.
We all walk into Kacie's room and see that she's unconscious. "Kacie?" I whisper. She almost looks unrecognizable with her stitched forehead and the bruises covering her body like a blanket, as her chest lifts slightly up and then falls slowly downward.
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