"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


3. Problems?

Jess's pov.
I can't believe it! Niall's here after what he did. He has some guts. He hurt Makayla and me when he left for the x-factor, i mean I'm happy for him and all but he can't expect a fresh start, right? Just because I know he's sensitive I pretend to be thrilled when I saw him.

Makayla's pov.
Jess looks thrilled.GREAT! Now I can tell her that Niall and I are going to the prom, together. Niall and Cyle decide to go shopping for tuxedos and get to know eachother better, so I decide to tell Jess. "Hey, Jess I have something to tell you."

Jess's pov.
"Ok, spit it out then, say what's on your mind." I don't like this she's making me nervous. Makayla has something to tell me, what could it be? "uhhh..." she starts out, "I kind of am, uhhh, going to the prom with... Niall." WHAT! That took me by surprise. She's going to the prom with Niall, I don't know what to say. "Oh." is all I can say, I know it's not enough, though.

Makayla's pov.
She's upset I can tell, but I don't know why so I pretend not to notice, and I'll ask her later. "So," I say playing with two beautiful dresses, "how about these."

Jess's pov.
"Wow those are beautiful!" I really like them, there stunning! "Let's buy them," and then we walked up to the cash register and bought them, prom here we come!
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