"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


14. Nightmare

Jess's pov.
I'm sitting on my velvet couch which normally makes me feel better, but I can't help but be angry at myself for hurting Makayla. So I decide to call Cyle.
(Phone Convo.)
Me:m Cyle:c
m: Hey Cyle I need to talk can you come over?
c: Sure I need to tell you something, it's about us.
(End of Phone Convo.)
18 minutes later he's walking right into my house. "Hey babe" I say casually. "Jess I want you..." he says pausing for a couple of minutes, "and I to... break up." I wake up in cold sweat, it was all just a dream. I have to make things right I shouldn't be dissing on Makayla's "boyfriend." I pick up my phone and call her but Niall answers.

Niall's pov.
I hear Makayla's phone ring so I answer it.
Phone Convo.
Niall:n Jess:j
n: Hello? Who's this?
j: Niall!? Where's Makayla?
n: Jess is that you?
n: she's on my lap sleeping why?
(Jess hangs up)
n: Hello are you still there? Whatever, bye.
(end of phone convo.)
What the heck was that! She hurt Makayla, really bad. It hurts me to say goodbye,again, but I have too. So I shake her. "Wake up love." I whisper. I hate this, I can't tell her. I just can't! "Morning sleeping beauty."

Makayla's pov.
"Morning handsome." I say, and I mean it. I'm on his lap still, and he pulls me in for a long passionate kiss. After a while he lays me on the couch, and lays on me without breaking the kiss. The way he's kissing me makes it seem like he'll never see me again.
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