"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


11. My heart skips a beat

Harry's pov.
We were playing truth or dare, but the only ones here are Sarah and me. Zayn ended up leaving and taking Kacie with him. I normally know how to flirt with someone but Sarah's different, I don't know why but there's something about her that makes my heart skip a beat. All I know is it's not normal. So I end up doing the most stupidest thing ever, I lean in and kiss her on the lips. It's a short kiss so I hope she doesn't get mad. I pull away and whisper "I love you."

Sarah's pov.
Harry kissed me, then said I love you but that's not all I think I love him back. "I love you, too." I say but I'm still not sure about what I felt during the kiss.
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