"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.



Jess's pov.
I invited Makayla over so we could talk and have a sleepover. I need to talk to her about Niall, if she's going to prom with him things might get serious and when he goes on tour she'll get hurt and forgotten. I hear the doorbell and it's Makayla, and she seems nervous, maybe about what she thinks I'm gonna say. "Hey girl!" she says. "Hi come in," "ok" she replies simply. We take a seat on the couch and watch "Love Actually" and then eat popcorn. After the movie We start talking about boys so this is gonna be easy to get Niall into the conversation. "So Mak (her nickname) what about Niall, kissing yet!?" "NO, ok. not YET! I really like him but I don't think he feels the same way, you know?" "Well Mak, I'll tell you what you do, ok?" "k" she says lamely. "You leave him and when he's..."

Mak's pov.
"WHAT!!! Leave Niall! I can't believe you, your jealous aren't you! I'm leaving!!!!" Ugh! That's the only reason she invited me over, so she could talk me out of "seeing" Niall! I'm going to tell him how I feel tonight, I think he likes me because today at the mall he just kept staring at me hopefully in a good way.

Jess's pov.
Oh no! I brought it up to forward. I told her to leave him I should have hidden it better like Mak do you want to get hurt? Do you if not you shouldn't see Niall cause when he goes on tour he'll leave you behind. That's not much better.

Mak's pov.
I'm crying and my mascara's running, but I don't care I have to talk to Niall.
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