"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


17. Just listen

Sarah's pov.
"Sarah, I'm sorry if it was too soon but I didn't want to lie to you, I'm so so sorry." He says and I here the pain in his voice, and see the sorrow in his eyes. I don't know how to respond. "Harry I don't know what to say." I reply weakly. "Don't say anything just listen please?" I nod slightly. "I know we just met and all but I have really strong feelings for you I can tell you feel the same way or at least I hope you do..." I open my mouth to say something but his lips are pressing hard against mine. So I let out a soft whimper because it kinda hurt in a good way though. He pays no attention to the soft sound I made. I think I feel it again, it's called passion. Passion for his warm, soft lips to touch mine, I wanted; no needed it. Eventually he stops it, and I look at him with sad eyes, I found what I needed but I let it slip like everything else. Our noses are still touching with his lips lightly brushing mine. "I love you Harry." I say finally.

Harry's pov.
"I love you too Sarah. I really do. Which leaves us with the question; will you be my girlfriend?" I say so sure of myself. "Yes...Boyfriend. I love you." "I love you too." He replies.
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