"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


19. It's final

Makayla's pov.
Niall and I are kissing and I can feel his lips hard against mine, it feels nice. The wieght of his body is crushing me but I don't care I want this, I know I do. Just then Niall gets a text so we have to stop. When he reads it his face turns white. "What's wrong babe?" I say worrying already. "C'mon we have to go to the hospital, NOW!" He yells and I wince but he must of noticed because he automatically looked apologetic. "I'm sorry but Zayn is in the Hospital...with Kacie.I didn't mean to yell at you I'm so sorry." "It's fine." I say even though it's not. My step dad abuses me; he always yells, it scares me... a lot. So I've ran away but I know I'll have to go back, it's a good thing Niall doesn't know about it, nobody knows. But me.

Niall's pov.
Great. Just great! Now Makayla is mad at me even though it looks like fear and Zayn's in the hospital. Wait it is fear, why? "Let's go." I say cautiously. "Ok" she murmurs. I take her hand and take her to my blue mustang. "Here" I say carefully opening the passenger door for her. "Thanks." Is all she says so I climb in and start driving. "Makayla I know something is wrong, tell me the truth please!?"

Makayla's pov.
Is it that obvious. "Nothing's wrong, I promise." Well isn't that a BIG, FAT LIE! Why would I do that. "Makayla" he says as he pulls off the road into the parking lot of the hospital. "What!? Nothing is wrong!" I practically yell. Why!? Why am I so ignorant to all the people who love me!? "Please tell me you can trust me you need to we're dating!" He says pleading. "Fine." I give in but he doesn't say anything he just stares at me with his blue eyes... I almost get lost. "My... my step dad... he... abuses me. Mum died. It's just too much!" I say relieved of my burden. I automatically regret it. "Niall..." I begin, "NO! Don't you EVEN think of coming up with some lame excuse f..." I can't take any more so I run out of the car into the hospital. "May I help you." The lady behind the desk says. "Yes I was wondering..." "Makayla wait! I'm so sorry I..." I ignore him. "I was wondering were Kacie Blough's room is." I say Niall literally begging me something, I hear the pain in his voice. "Room 143" the blonde nurse says. "Thanks." I say then turn on my heels and walk away."Makayla wait!" He says grabbing my wrist. "Ow!" I whisper. "Niall STOP IT!" Great now everyone's staring. "Can we talk?" He says looking at me not caring what anyone thinks. "Fine." "Thank you." He mutters. Then he offers me his hand and I slip it into his. He then leads me to the bench outside. "Makayla I had no idea. Why didn't you tell me?" He says. Tears start to fill my eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't know how." I reply. "Oh, well... Your living with me, I'm not letting you go back to him. That's final. I will call the police and they can accompany us to get your things, I won't let you go again. Your my life, you always have been."
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