"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


8. I love you

Mak's pov.
I'm at Niall's and Liam's place and the door is a rustic copper color with a golden lion door knob, I start banging on it no matter how fancy it is. After about ten minutes of banging Niall anwsers the door. "Why, you could of asked me for an..." I leaned in and gave him a long passionate kiss, I just couldn't help myself he had to find out that I loved him somehow, and what's surprising is the fact he kissed me back.

Niall's pov.
Makayla kissed me! I didn't know it was her at first but right before she kissed me I caught a glimpse of her face with those green eyes and golden hair. When we finished she whispered "I love you, and I need to talk to you." I was confused but I walked her inside and sat her on our sand colored couch, "Liam's not home so I guess it's safe to talk."

Mak's pov.
Liam's not home that's one thing taken off my mind. "Niall I told Jess that we were going to the dance together, so she invited me over to her house..." I pause for a minute and Niall asks me if I'm ok, I look at him and say "no, Jess told me to leave you!" I start crying into his shoulder. He has a nice t-shirt on but I can't help myself!
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