"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


12. Girlfriend!?

Zayn's pov.
"Kacie, can I talk to you in private?" I ask her. I can't help but stare, she's simply beautiful!

Kacie's pov.
I really like Zayn, but I have a boyfriend and I don't know how to tell him. My boyfriend's name is Jason. He's abusive and I have to hide my body because of the bruises and scars. I know I have to break up with Jason but I'm scared to do it. He'll hurt me and I know it.

Zayn's pov.
"Kacie can we go on a walk?" I ask nervously. She says yes and we start walking. I grab her hand and hold it but she slips her hand out of mine, and I stop. "What's wrong?" I almost whisper. Her face flushes of color, and a man starts screaming and sprints towards. "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND?!!!" Girlfriend? He must be Kacie's boyfriend and that's why she slipped her hand away earlier. He reaches us and grabs Kacie, and throws her like a rag doll across the park.

Kacie's pov.
I start balling my eyes out because Jason hurt me... bad. Before I pass out from the pain I see Jason and Zayn start fist fighting.
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