"The Story of Us"

Six girls.Five boys. Love.Drama.Exes.That's their life, this is their story.


5. Arriving

Kacie's pov.
I see headlights I must be dreaming and I'll wake up before the car reaches us, but some how I know this isn't the case. I start slapping the window and point at the headlights coming closer. I know they should be able to help us. They stop right beside us and four boys about our age get out of the car.

Louis's pov.
I'm driving down the road when I see a car just sitting there with a girl leaning on it and two girls in the car. So I decide to stop and see what the problem is. I get out with the boys and go over to them, and say "Hello, love, is there a problem?" "Um, yeah we're lost and our car's broke down, and we were supposed to be at a friends house two hours ago, and" she says pointing at her phone, " no service!" "well, we could give you a lift but first I'm Louis, this is Harry, Liam, Zayn and you three are?" "I'm Kacie, and this is Sarah and Megan." (at this point all of the girls are out of the car)

Harry's pov.
"Well then let's go!" I say. I'm kind of nervice because there's a really beautiful girl right in front of me I'm normally not nervice which is why I'm in a hurry. I go over to her and say "Sarah, pretty name for a pretty girl." She has long light brown hair and strange spectacular eyes that are blue with a green rim.

Sarah's pov.
I blush at Harry's comment, and since I know he's flirting with me I flirt back, " I love your clear green eyes." and he blushes, I made Harry Styles blush! I can't believe it!

Liam's pov.
I notice a girl named Megan stands out from the others she's a type of beautiful I could only dream of with shoulder length brown hair and crystal blue eyes. So I decide to make a move. "Hey Megan" LAME, I'm such an idiot!

Megan's pov.
"Oh hey Liam." WHAT WAS THAT! Ugggh a minute with Liam and I already embarrassed my self, we're on our way to Chloe's and we have a while to go so I make a suggestion. "Hey if you four wanna I don't know stay at Chloe's for the night I'm sure she wouldn't mind, you'd be more than welcome to." Nailed it!

Zayn's pov.
"Sure we'd love to, Megan!" I respond, but I'm more focused on the girl named Kacie with blonde hair and green eyes. " Hey um Kacie I was wondering if maybe you want to go on a date I mean go grab some tea or something sometime and get to know eachother." ok that's safe right?

Kacie's pov.
OMG! Zayn Malik of One Direction asked me out on a date but i have to play it cool. "Yeah I'd like that." PERFECT!

Chloe's pov.
There's a strange car pulling in to my driveway and when i see the girls and only four members of One Direction step out of the car I'm completely speechless Louis looks perfect as always.

Louis's pov.
There's a girl on the porch and she's stunning with her shiney black hair and brown eyes. I walk up to her and say hello and start flirting.
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