Colors of life

A little collection of poems.
Painting different colors of life.
My life and others'.
Some are regular poems,
Others lyrics or just grooks.
I hope you will take a look,
I hope you like what you read.
Welcome to my world of thoughs,
Read as you like, feel free.
I'm not native to English, so if you find any mistakes please let me know so I can improve.


10. You were the new kid in town


I was nothing but a child;

You were the new kid in town.

You were different, very wild;

But sometimes you just seemed down.


One day you stood by my door,

Hand in hand with your sister.

This must have happend before,

Your feets were just one blister.


My mom said you both could stay,

Told me to be nice to you,

We could find a game to play.

I was the one you turned too.


"You stink" they yelled to be cool.

I let you down, forgot you,

Then you stoped comming to school

Your sister needed you too.


I didn't get it back then,

Your mom was a drug addict.

And you weren't even turned ten.

Your life: easy to predict.


Then a day someone saw you,

Being dragged by the police:

Shoplifting. The roumers flew.

You begged for mercy- said please.


I saw a girl yesterday.

She looked just a bit like you.

I didn't dare to say hey,

She was pierced. Her hair was blue.


She was carring a baby,

her eyes looked afraid again.

He will be like her, maybe.

I should have helped you back then

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