Colors of life

A little collection of poems.
Painting different colors of life.
My life and others'.
Some are regular poems,
Others lyrics or just grooks.
I hope you will take a look,
I hope you like what you read.
Welcome to my world of thoughs,
Read as you like, feel free.
I'm not native to English, so if you find any mistakes please let me know so I can improve.


18. They Clipped your Wings

They clipped your wings.

Told you that you couldn’t fly.

Yelled it, till you believed them.

Till you lay before their feet.

With your beak buried in soil.

Like that they chained you.

Hit you. Kicked you.

Spat at you. Left you.

Broken. Alone.

You cried with the rain.

Burned in the sun.

No one saw you.

No one came.

Slowly your flight feather grew back.

But you have forgotten who you were.

How you glided under the clouds.

How you were free.


You have forgotten how to fly.

The chains are rusted away.

But you haven’t realized it.

Because you wings are still clipped.

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