Colors of life

A little collection of poems.
Painting different colors of life.
My life and others'.
Some are regular poems,
Others lyrics or just grooks.
I hope you will take a look,
I hope you like what you read.
Welcome to my world of thoughs,
Read as you like, feel free.
I'm not native to English, so if you find any mistakes please let me know so I can improve.


17. Sonnet no. 1

No word is dignified to describe thee.

No artist worthy to portray thou face.

If they try thou willst turn around and flee.

Even so thou fill my body with grace.

When the rising sun is kissing my chin,

When fair birds praise the world with their great song.

When seasons change and new ages begin.

Yet mellow still thou art forever young.

Even when I am weary and dismayed.

When my eyes art filmed with tears of sorrow.

Yet thou can make even the worst grief fade.

Thou taught me how to welcome tomorrow.

Thou art everything surrounding me,

Yet thou make my heart beat and make me free. 

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