Colors of life

A little collection of poems.
Painting different colors of life.
My life and others'.
Some are regular poems,
Others lyrics or just grooks.
I hope you will take a look,
I hope you like what you read.
Welcome to my world of thoughs,
Read as you like, feel free.
I'm not native to English, so if you find any mistakes please let me know so I can improve.


19. Love

I fell in love the way you fall asleep.

Slowly and all at once.

Like a wanderer who has lost his way

But finds a compass at the break of day.

Like a frail seagull with a broken wing

Carried home by the storm like a king.

Like the butterfly.

Like the moon.

Like the blue sky.

Like the monsoon.

Like the sun.

Like the gun.

Like the love.

Like none of the above.

No word is nothing but a false compare,

When love is in the air.

Like marching instead of dancing ballet.

Like painting the colors of life with gray

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