Colors of life

A little collection of poems.
Painting different colors of life.
My life and others'.
Some are regular poems,
Others lyrics or just grooks.
I hope you will take a look,
I hope you like what you read.
Welcome to my world of thoughs,
Read as you like, feel free.
I'm not native to English, so if you find any mistakes please let me know so I can improve.


16. A Summer's Night

The orange gleam of a bonfire.

The drowsiness of a summer’s night.

A Whippoorwill calls from the wire,

Spreads the wings for a nocturnal flight.


A light breeze is springing from the lake.

Fireflies dance. Lanterns of the night.

I am neither tired nor awake;

Breathing in the mist of the moon light.


Glowing sparks turn into falling stars.

The bottle of moonshine is passed round.

While the horizon gives birth to mars,

The dew is gently kissing the ground.


The mumbling waves softly laps the shore.

Chirping of a cicada choir.

This magic summer’s night I adore,

Let it last, that's all I desire.

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