My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?


3. were balloons really necesary?

Sophie's POV


I got off the plan and went to baggage claim to grab my suitcase. Once i grabbed my suitcase i looked around to find Niall. "okay look for someone holding a sign with your name on it" i mumbled to my self i kept looking around till i saw balloons with letters on them. S. O. P. H. I. E. i read oh my. i walked over to the person holding the balloons. He was about my height and had blonde hair with dark brown roots. "hi you must be Niall, i am Sophie" i said with my hand out ready to shake his. gave the balloons to a boy with curly hair who was wearing raybans. i got snapped out of looking at the curly haired boy when all of a sudden i was engulfed in a hug. he pulled away "Hey Sophie I am niall, sorry about the hug i don't really do handshakes." Niall said with a smirk on his face. " its fine, soo where to" "um i dont know where do you want go" "well i have never really been here so can we go sight seeing"  i asked "of course, Haz lets go" Niall said happily. "what?, okay wait do i not get to be introduced to this pretty girl?" curly said. niall gave him a sort of death stare. " fine harry, Sophie. Sophie , Harry. now lets get going." niall said


Niall's POV

i saw that harry was starting to fancy Sophie, i don't really know why it made me so angry but it did. i have only known her for about 10 minutes and i am already being an over protective brother... great. "niall can we pretty pretty plleeaasse pick up the boys before we get going" harry asked. "fine but we have to hurry or we won't have time a lot of time to sight see." i didn't really want the boys to come because they will probaly hit on Sophie. I mean she is pretty and knowing the boys by the end of tour tone of them will have at least dated or kissed her. but only time will tell so i guess i will just have to see.

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