My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?


10. Swing sets and sad strangers part 1


   A/N SO sorry that its taken so long to update I'm gonna try to update every week or so now. thanks you guys for all the reads it really means a lot to know you guys like the story. I have the rest of it mostlty planned out so their shouldn't be to much trouble updateing. thanks agian!


 Sophie's POV

Once we all settled down from laughing we decided to go to a park and run around.

We pulled up to the park and saw that they had a HUGE playground. As soon as The bus driver opened the door we all rushed out.

"Last one to the playground is a rotten egg!" Louis screamed. We all started running even faster and laughing trying to trip each other to get to the playground first. As soon as we reached the playground we all raced to the slides. We deceided it was a good idea to go down one of the slides all at the same time to create a train. 

"C'mon guys. Liam first then Louis then Zayn, me, Harry and Sophie" Niall said sharing the order of the train. I quickly sat behind Harry excited for the ride to begin. We all had to sit with our legs on either side of the person in front of us and arms around their waist in order for us all to fit. Once Liam pushed off of the top of the slide we all shot down the slide, all of us landed in very large dog pile.

"Someone's hand is on my ass!" Louis screamed.

"Get your hand out of my bloody hair." Zayn said sounding very mad. We all quickly got off of each other trying not to grope each other further. Once we were all standing we all went seperate ways to climb all over the play stucture. 

"Guys?" Liam shouted,"Paul just called we have a surprise interview we have to leave now"

All the boys quickly ran to Liam not wanting to be in trouble for being late. 

"Liam can I stay? please please please!" I asked not quite wanting the fun of being on a playground to end.

"ugh, fine but make sure to call or text us when your done playing so that we know you actully get to the hotel safely." Liam said in a protective manner.

"YES! Thank you so much Liam!" I screeched as I hugged Liam. Once I let go of him they all started the short walk back to the car. Just as they were pulling away one of the windows rolled down to reveal a grinning Niall and Louis waving goodbye. I waved back smiling at them.


As soon as the boys car left my view I ran back to the swing set and started swing as high as I could without going all the way around the top pole of the swing set. 

"wow you can go really high." I heard a small voice say. I quickly looked around to find the source of the quiet voice. I saw a little boy standing by the swing next to mine. He looked as if he was about five years old. His clothes were really dirty and he had some mud smudged on his face and in his light blonde hair, like he had been playing in a sandbox for hours, but there was no sandbox at this playground. I slowed my swing down so I could talk to the small boy. 

"Hi Im Sophie", I grinned sticking out my hand for a hand shake," Whats your name?" The boy shyly placed his hand in mine shaking it slightly.

"Im Oliver" He uttered quietly. 

"Nice to meet you Oliver, would you like me to teach you my special swing ways?" I watched as Oliver's face grew a big smile. "Would you really do that?"

"Of course"I grinned.

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