My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?


16. Silly string suprises

A/N: I just realized I named Oliver after an orphaned boy in a musical. The name of the musical you ask. Oliver. I don’t even know how I forgot that. face palm* and I thought I was being some what original.


Sophie’s POV


After being on the Ellen show with the boys they all wanted to go to a near by restaurant. Now don’t get me wrong I would have loved to go, but I had to get back to the bus where I had left King Tom in charge of Oliver. They were probably the two most mischievous people I knew. I mean yes my grace Tom was an adult but as soon as he and Oliver hung out he turned into this man-child who liked to pull pranks on me.

“Hey boys, I think I am just going to head back to the bus”

“No! You can’t your always staying in the bus. You have to come with us! Besides who would walk you there.” Louis protested. I scanned the boys’ faces pleadingly asking one of them to take me back to the bus. My eyes stopped at Harry’s face who looked like he was contemplating it. I did my best puppy dog face hopping it would work. He gave me a “you owe me one” face.

“I guess I can take her I mean I have to grab my jacket anyway.” Harry told Louis. I cheered a thank you to harry giving him a quick hug. As we walked the few blocks to our bus all that could be heard was our feet stomping against the pavement and the occasional car as it went by. As the Bus came into view Harry spoke up.

“You really do owe me one”

“I know, I know and I promise I’ll repay you somehow.” I swore. As we approached the door to the bus I had a sudden realization If Harry came inside the bus he would see Oliver. He can’t see Oliver. I quickly turned to Harry.

“Do you actually need your jacket?” I asked almost desperately. He nodded at me giving me a weird look.

“How about I get it for you” I offered silently praying he would say yes so that he wouldn’t come inside. He raised an eyebrow at me.

“I can get it myself you know” he said taking a step towards the door. I stepped in front of him.

“No it’s fine please, I’ll do it, consider it step one of my repayment.” I insisted. He sighed.

“Fine go ahead, I want the Black one please” He said crossing his arms. I nodded, happy I could per sway him not to come inside.

I quickly opened and closed the door behind me. I couldn’t see Oliver or King Tom, they had to be off plotting something. I quickly grabbed Harry’s Jacket and as I turned around a bunch of silly string was being sprayed into my face. I couldn’t help but scream, I soon realized how much of a mistake that was as Harry ran into the bus. And there we were, me covered in silly string, Tom holding silly string bottles and little Oliver sitting by my leg with more silly string. And Harry saw ALL of us.

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