My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?


15. Sharpay Evans Herself

Sophie’s POV I was sitting in front of a mirror that seemed like it belonged to Sharpay Evans herself. There was makeup scattered all over the table as well as various hair products. I was waiting for Lou Tisdale, the boys stylist, to come back from the bathroom. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super scared about this interview. The only time I have every been on TV was when they were interviewing adoption kids and asking them about their lives. Albeit I was only seven then and hadn’t been adopted yet it wasn’t really the best interview ever, I don’t know what it is about cameras that just seem to make me turn into in idiot. And now it would in front of Ellen, I am not sure I can handle being star struck and a camera induced idiot all at the same time. My thinking was interrupted when I suddenly felt brushes going over my face apply light amounts of make up. Looks like Lou’s back. “Don’t worry I’m only doing a very natural look” she whispered, she must have been able to see my discomfort. You see I don’t usually wear make up, I mean eye make up sure but I can’t handle face make up. I just forget I have it and start rubbing my face, smearing it everywhere. Once Lou was done I was told to sit on a couch, the Boys would be out first then I would come out a little later. Before I knew it was time to stand back stage waiting for my queue. I quietly listened to the boys interview as the butterflies in my stomach evolved into fire breathing dragons. “So I hear you guys have brought along a special guest with you today.” Ellen suspected. “That is right, we have brought a very special guest with us.” Louis confirmed. “Well should we bring her out” Ellen asked as the audience screamed a cheer of approval. Music started playing like it did for all of Ellen’s guests. I stood still not wanting to leave the backstage where there was no cameras. A man with a headset and a clipboard in hand came up to me tapping me on the shoulder. “That’s your queue miss”, He pointed out in a hushed tone. I shook my head. “Nope. I can’t go out there.” I rebutted. The man looked at me as if I was crazy. “You HAVE to go out there.” He said a little louder. I shook my head again. “Not possible if I go out there I will turn into a star struck idiot, and I will not let that happen, not on live TV” I stated loudly. “You have to go out there.” The man shouted as he started pushing me to the entrance of the stage. I started shouting at him to not make me go out there. I grabbed on to a near by person as he dragged me pass them. The merely shook my grip off. Soon enough I was pushed out onto a brightly lit stage. I looked wide eyed at the audience then looked over at the boys who looked at me with a look of disbelief, probably hearing the whole kerfuffle of what just went on back stage. I slowly and awkwardly walked over to the couch they were sat at, sitting in between Harry and Niall. I finally looked over at Ellen who was laughing slightly at my awful entrance. “So would you like to introduce yourself to everyone.” Ellen questioned. I looked at her and gave a slight shake of my head. “Not particularly, no” I said blushing red. The audience laughed at my bluntness. Niall threw his arm around me. “This is my Lovely sister Sophie Horan, who seems to be very camera shy” he said pinching my cheek as I flushed a deeper color of red. Ellen and the boys laughed. “What was it like for the two of you to find each other after so long?” Ellen enquired. I looked at Niall, “Do you want to answer first” I asked shyly. “No, please you first” Niall said teasingly. I gave him a slight glare. “Uh, It was weird,” Niall Looked at me questioning, where I was going with this,” In the best way possible. I mean I was aware I had a brother but I didn’t really think I would ever meet him but having met him it was weird because we immediately clicked as if we had known each other our whole lives.” I explained. Niall nodded in agreement with my answer. “How has meeting and living with the boys of One Direction been?” “Overwhelming. Within my first week of meeting them I twisted my ankle and had to get stitches, but its fun.” I answered. “How did that happen?” Ellen asked baffled. “Nothing big, just a race to Nandos” I said humorously. Ellen and the audience laughed at my explanation. “Okay we are going to play a game with all of you, we are going to say something and if it applies to you will raise your hand. Okay?” We all nodded ready for the game. “I am single” Harry, Niall and I were the only ones with our hands up. I looked over at the other boys. “Why haven’t I heard about your relationships” I asked loudly. They laughed. “we thought you already knew. I joined their laughing finally relaxing.
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