My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?



Sophie's POV 


After we got off the London eye we started just walking around talking. I am not really sure where we are going but hopefully it will be fun. "Niall, where are we going we have been walking for hours?" Louis whined Niall just stood there with an evil grin on his face. "Niall?" Harry said "Niall are we going to Nandos again, c'mon its like the fourth time this week." harry continued. Niall just started running in the direction of what I am guessing is Nandos. We all ran after him. I spotted this so called Nandos and started running faster, but me being my clumsy self tripped on my own foot. I ended up landing half in a planter box and half on the pavement. Harry came running over as soon as I fell. "are you okay Sophie" "My head hurts" was my only reply. My head had hit the planter box while I was falling and it now has a huge cut from where I hit it, along with that I have a pounding headache and I feel dizzy. Harry scooped me up in his arms to carry me to the others who were inside Nandos. "its okay Sophie don’t worry we will get you to the doctors” he reassured me. I started hearing him mumble to himself so I tried to hear what he was saying, "oh my god Niall is gonna kill me ughh" I hope Niall knows that this wasn't his fault at all it was all my clumsiness. As harry carried me inside Louis and Niall ran over to me. "oh my god Sophie are you okay" I shook my head no and then Louis took me out of Harry’s arms and held me. I tried to get out of his arms to see if I could stand but as soon as my feet touched the ground everything went black.



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