My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?


9. MY phone


   Sophie's POV

I walked to my suitcase and pulled out my toiletries, where i kept my lotion. I turned around and threw the bottle at Harry.

"Here you are. Just rub it in and the sharpie should come off in the midst of your rubbing" I instructed. He nodded and headed to the bathroom. I walked to the back of the bus where there was a tv and a large couch. I lowered my self onto the couch and pulled out my phone. I checked my instagram and twitter to find that Niall had followed me along with louis, Liam and Zayn. I quickly followed them back.

"thank you for the lotion" I hear harry say as i catch the bottle.

"no problamo" i replied. Zayn and Liam walked in shoving each other while laughing. 

"hello, are you guys useing the xbox?" Zayn asked. Me and Harry just shook our head. The two boys quickly set up the gaming system and started playing fifa. 

"Hell no!, diiiiieee!!"

"not today!" the boys started shouting. wow. i never knew a fake soccer video game could make people scream that much. Niall and Louis came in the room to see what the shouting about. As soon as they saw that the tv was on they seemed to relax a bit like it was a normal occurance. I looked around the room seeing as how now everyone was in here it was quite crowded. Louis and Harry were playing tug o war with a phone and Niall was just eating some-- wait thats my phone. I lunged at the two boys trying to get my phone back.

"How the hell did you guys get my phone?" i shouted while wrestleing with them. 

"Harry had it!" Louis yelled. I finally grabbed my phone and sat up on top of the dog pile we created only to find three pairs of eyes staring at us.

"Harry? Why do you smell like a girl?" Louis questioned. everyone in the room started laughing except Harry who was turning crimson.

"It's all her fault ask her" he defended while pointing at me. I just started laughing even more.

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