My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?


13. King Tom


Sophie’s POV


The boys would not stop teasing me about “farting”.  They thought it was absolutely bloody hilarious. Freaking Oliver is so lucky that I can’t let the boys find him. I had to sleep on the couch last night. THE COUCH. The couch that happens to be like three inches wide. I rolled off of it. THREE TIMES.  When Zayn found me this morning I was on the bus bathroom floor. I then had to proceed to say that I had to make a midnight run to the loo and must of “accidentally” fell asleep. Then Zayn told them I fell asleep WHILE on the toilet. When they all finished teasing me about that they had to leave for an interview, which was a big relief for me. I needed to get some food for Oliver and I.


As soon as the boys left I told Oliver that he could come out of my bunk.

“Oh my god Sophie I’m so so so sorry I couldn’t hold it in” Oliver shouted as he jumped down from my bunk.

“Okay first off TMI and secondly it’s fine. But what do you say about some breakfast?” I announced.

“Can we get waffles? Oooo, How about pancakes? “ Oliver all but shouted in my ear.

“How about we head over to IHOP they have pancakes and waffles” I muttered as I rubbed my now sore ear.  I pulled out my phone calling the driver from last night to ask if he could drive us to IHOP. Once he arrived me and Oliver hoped in the car and we were off to IHOP.

“So you’re saying they have pancakes. And waffles. And I get to have both of them?” Oliver seriously couldn’t seem to wrap his head around this concept.

“Yes you can have both” I said laughing slightly.

“MISTER MISTER ARE WE THERE YET!” Oliver shouted at the driver.

“Mr. Oliver you can just call me Tom there is no reason you should be calling mister. And if you must call me a title you can call me King Tom” Tom said winking at Oliver jokingly. Oliver laughed and put his hand up in a mock solute and said an “Of course your majesty.” We all started laughing at Oliver’s silly antics.


Once we arrived at IHOP Oliver quickly hopped out of the car throwing a wave over his shoulder at Tom before he quickly ran inside. I quickly thanked Tom and ran inside after Oliver ready to get my pancake on.


A/N: I will be updating tomorrow as well so get for a My Brothers In a Boy Band full weekend.


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