My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?


6. i HATE needles part 1


A/N sorry its so late everyone! i will try to get another chapter up today to make up for it.


      Sophie's POV:


I woke up in a white room.


I was shocked to say the least I mean its not everyday you wake up in a white room. Oh and my I add a very bright white room. I started to look around and saw Niall asleep in one of the chairs in the room. “Niall” I tried to say, but it came out as a whisper. OWWWW I thought my throat is super sore to say at the least. Suddenly I heard laughter and turned around to see Louis drawing on a sleeping harry, who was on the floor. How did I miss that? I didn’t really want to try and speak again so simply tried moving around a lot to get his attention.


Wiggle wiggle. Nothing okay new tactic wave my arms around. As I started waving my arms frantically a song popped into my head…


I threw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ayo—  ya that’s not working . I looked around to see if I could throw something at him, when I realized  there was in IV in my arm. Crap. You see this may not seem like a problem for anyone else but when I was getting shots when I was like four my doctor thought it would be great to do all the shots at once. Did I mention I had to get seven shots that day for what ever reason. I was pinned down to the table while three new doctors came in and gave me shots.  Lets just say my arms were sore for 3 days strait. Since then when ever I see a needle or a shot I start crying uncontrollably and I cant even help it. The worst part is its now just my bodies reaction. I am not even scared of shots…. Okay fine anymore.

My  yes started watering. Oh no here come the tears. Then it happen the tears were falling and I was sobbing. Louis turned around and ran to me. “ what’s wrong” I started giggling while crying. “why are you laughing” Louis asked confused “ crying is my body’s reaction to needles” I chocked out. Louis stared at me for a second and burst out laughing.

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