My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?


2. Airplanes

Sophie's POV

I finished packing my suitcase and headed towards the stairs. when i was at the top i rolled my suitcase down the stair and went back in my room to grab my carry on, which had my laptop, ipod, headphones and a few packs of bubble gum. i went down the stairs to see Paul holding my suitcase that successfully rolled down the stair case, and my parents and Cameron. "okay we should get going your flights in an hour" paul informed me. i nodded and hugged Cameron goodbye and then went to give my parents hugs. My mom was on the verge of tears. "call us as soon as you land and remeber to be sa-"" mom i know be safe and have a fun trip" i hugged my mum and dad one last time and went on my way, out the door with Paul. "okay so Sophie, I am going to drive you to the airport then you will go to your flight. i will be coming a day late because i am going to visit some family members while i am here okay?" "sounds good but who is picking me up from the airport?" i asked " that would be Niall your brother" paul stated " how will i know who he is?" "we will have a sign with your name on it, and there will probally be a lot of screeming so watch out for that." i nodded. the rest of the car ride we were silent. it wasn't an awkward silence but a sort of comforting silence. When we arrived at the airport there wasn't many people there so security wasn't too bad. Paul couldn't go past security so he just said goodbye and left. I looked down at the ticket paul gave me to see what terminal, 2B. i started to walk around to try and find it turns out it was the farthest terminal. i was getting sort of hungry so i went over to MCdonalds and got a kids meal since i wasn't straving. once i finished my chicken nuggets i opened my toy that was my favorite part of every kids meal. my toy was one of those sticky things that are fun to fling at other people.... not that i would do that in an airport pffft. oh who am i kidding. i threw the sticky lizard looking thing as far as i could and it landed on some guys head who looked like he was going on my flight. he turned around to see who threw it and i imediatly hid behind the chair i had sat in hoping he didn't see me. i felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see the guy i threw my lizard at holding up the lizard with a smirk on his face."excuse me ma'am i couldn't help but notice this land in my hair and you hiding behind this chair, do you know who this belongs to?" he looked around my age give or take a few years. i had to admit he was pretty cute. i quickly grabbed my toy and stood up." ya its umm mine" i said shyly he nodded " so where are you flying to?" i asked to change the topic "i  am going to london." he stated " how about you " london aswell" just then the speaker came on telling us to board the plane. i quickly jogged over to get in line to get on the plane. when i got on the plane i took my seat near the window, and put my head phones in. just then the guy from early came and sat next me "you again" he said jokingly i nodded and giggled for almost the whole plane ride i was either asleep or talking to the stranger i met earlier. but soon enough we landed in london, and i was ready to meet Niall.

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